Sunday, April 28, 2013

How To: Wear Orange Lipstick

I have been on the search for a vibrant lipstick to add to my collection for some time now. My naturally highly pigmented lip colour means that the majority of my lipsticks are very neutral, without showcasing the 'foundation' lip or 'I don't have any lips at all' look. My favourite is undoubtably Mac's lipstick in 'Shy Girl', which has pride of place in my handbag and will always give me a high quality and even finish.

Jessica Alba at the Golden Globes 2013
The neutral lip seems to be my comfort zone, so I am always reluctant to spend big monies on a bright colour, which I will only sometimes muster up the courage to wear on a night out. However, after seeing the gorgeous orange pigment on Jessica Alba's smackers at the Golden Globes earlier this year, I've decided to be bold and go bold for Spring.

The advantage of an orange hue is that it goes well with many different skin tones. However, it is true that warm skin and blonde hair will tend to suit a true orange lip, whereas more medium skin tones will favour coral or a deeper, reddish-orange. Nonetheless, orange is a colour I'd much sooner expect to find in a fruit bowl than my make-up bag, so picking up all sorts of tangerine shades in boots this morning was something of a novelty.

1. Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter in 'Tutti Frutti' £5.99
This hydrating formula claims to boost lip moisture by up to 156%. Indeed, the colour glides on really smoothly and left my lips feeling very soft. Also, the mango and coconut butter it contains means that the smell is gorgeously tropical! However, I found the finish very shiny, whereas I tend to favour lipstick with a slightly more matte result. That said, the hue is lovely and really suits my skin tone.

2. No. 7 Crayon in 'Tickle' £9
I wasn't aware that No 7 had introduced Lip Crayons to their collection, so I was so pleased to come across this earlier today! The colour is so easy to apply in this form and has a twist function to extend the product as and when you need. My lips felt smooth and moisturised after application, however, in the case of this particular shade, the pigment isn't as strong as I'd like it to be. I have found this before when using No. 7 lipstick and the moisturising, lightweight formula seems to prevent the colour from lasting. Nevertheless, I love the fabulous range of colours in these Lip Crayons and the subtle shimmer that they carry.

3. Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in 'Orange Pop Up' £7.99
The Bourjois Rouge Edition was my least preferred of the lipsticks I tried. Unfortunately, the very highly saturated colour felt heavy on my lips and gave them a slightly 'frosty' appearance. Also, the colouring is more of a rich coral, which isn't too great with my skin tone.

4. Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivid Lipstick in 'Electric Orange' £7.19
Overall, this is my favourite. As you can see, the bright, zesty colour is not dissimilar to Revlon's 'Tutti Frutti' which seems to really suit me. It has a healthy sheen to it, without being shiny and leaves my lips feeling smooth and hydrated. Also, this lipstick is more matte than the others I have tried, which I tend to favour with any lip-look.

As you can see, when I have been wearing the lip colour, I have kept the rest of my make-up very natural in order to showcase the punchy orange pigment. I love it!



  1. Yay! Finally found this post (: I have the Revlon lip butter, but I really want to try the lip crayon and the colour sensational lipstick. The Maybelline lipstick looks lovely on you, so I shall have to give the range a good nose (: I do agree with you about the Rouge Editions being a bit heavy, which is why I tend to put a little bit on and then blend, put a little bit on, and blend again. They can look a bit cakey, so that's how I like to do it (:

    Thank you sweetie for directing me to this post (:


    1. Aw thank you for your lovely comment sweetie! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it and hope it helped! I was always a bit nervous about putting orange on my lips, if you try wearing it around the house to begin with it isn't as scary when you catch yourself in a mirror! I really love the No.7 Lip Crayons they're so hydrating. Addicted to the Rimmel Apocolips at the moment though!! Xxx


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