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S|S Nails for 2013

When it comes to nails, I am something of a perfectionist! After bad experiences following fakes and acrylics, I now enjoy painting my nails myself and occasionally indulging in a Shellac or Gel manicure. But ultimately, I love to keep my nails well conditioned and after a long, cold winter lacking in Vit-D, I have been on the search for natural beauty products to maintain my nail health.  

Unless I am removing gel nail varnish, I always try to use an acetone-free remover, particularly in the winter, as acetone will thin your nails and can lead to damage. But in the endeavour to maintain nail and cuticle health, I believe I have found the ultimate beauty product from B Skincare. Recently, I have really started to appreciate the variety of health benefits that render from bees, as a result of introducing purified bee venom into my skincare regime with the Manuka Doctor range. However, for nails, the secret seems to be beeswax, which has the most amazing moisturising ability. My favourite product from the B Skincare range, is the ‘Beeswax cuticle & nail balm’. As well as beeswax, this miracle ointment contains vitamin rich carrot oil, shea and cocoa butter, to increase circulation and improve the quality of the nails. Since Christmas time, I have used just a small amount of this balm overnight and have noticed an amazing difference in the quality of my nails. From the overuse of varnish, they frequently broke and had become brittle. However, now they are much stronger and my cuticles are also softer and more manageable. I cannot recommend this product more strongly, if your nails are in need of some TLC before Summer, at £4 a pot, you cannot go wrong with this product! The Lavender hand and foot cream is also worth the buy and smells absolutely gorgeous! Both products are available online at B Skincare.

Now onto the more exciting part: colour! Until recently, I have always used Leighton Denny’s nail polish range and have built up quite a collection! At £11.00 a colour, it’s quite pricey for my tender student budget, although luckily I have learnt to snap them up quickly at discount price in TKMaxx! Perhaps my favourite and most versatile little bottle, is simply ‘One For All’, which is intended as a multi-purpose base coat, top coat, or even just a clear gloss. The lacquer is enriched with Vits A and E - an added bonus to help strengthen the Keratin in our nails and keep them looking healthy! Therefore, whenever I use ‘One For All’ I feel like my nails are receiving some benefit and I will certainly be using it frequently over the Summer to maintain their health.

Here are some of my other faves which I have bought with me to showcase at Uni over the Summer Term:

From left to right: 'Supermauva'; 'Your Planet Or Mine?'; 'One For All'; 'Best Seller'; 'Viva La Diva'; 'Plush Pink'.

For S|S 2013, Leighton Denny has released a brand new Rivera Collection, which has an absolutely gorgeous range of colours for when the weather gets warmer! My favourite is undoubtedly, ‘Yes We Cannes’, perhaps for the name as well as the colour - (I’ve always wanted to go to Cannes!) The lovely pastel colour is ideal for Spring days, while the more sophisticated and seductive ‘I’m So Soiree’ is perfect for those upcoming Summer nights!

'I'm So Soiree'                                    'Yes We Cannes'

The Leighton Denny Riviera Collection and much more, is available to purchase online here.

I would also highly recommend Leighton’s Crystal Nail file set. At £28, this is somewhat of an investment buy, but after using it I have never looked back! The glass files are so effective at shaping your nails and also are void of the harshness you can find with some cheap files.

On the other hand, since recently finding their range stocked in good-old Boots, I have become somewhat obsessed with Essie. I have been searching for the perfect nude nail varnish for a while now and was delighted to discover it in Essie’s range in the form of ‘Tea and Crumpets’ – delicious. The varnish has a subtle sheen to it which I would usually steer away from, but actually it makes my nails look lovely and bright.

     Essie: ‘Tea and Crumpets'

 My Favourites from left to right: 'Tea and Crumpets'; 'Mint Candy Apple'; 'Licorice'.

With Essie, the lacquer is a little thicker than Leighton Denny and the wide, flat brush makes the polish so easy to apply and achieve an even coverage. I use my ‘One For All’ varnish from Leighton Denny as a base and top coat when using the Essie colours and in my own experience, the nail colour lasts considerably longer than other brands. With the slightly more affordable price of  £7.99 a bottle and the endless range of colours, Essie is without a doubt my favourite quality nail varnish for S|S 2013. Go out and treat yourself!

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