Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May: Beauty Favourites

I've been really excited to do my first ever 'beauty picks of the month' post and I have used so many lovely products throughout May, that it's been really difficult to choose only a handful! But I've finally narrowed it down to a selection of gorgeous items that I have used endlessly over the past four weeks. Included, are both body care and make up staples, however also a more recent product launch which I've been completely impressed with. Enjoy!

Rituals Yogi Flow Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil Shower Sensation.
This beautiful shower gel has been on offer in John Lewis this month and having only heard good things about it, I thought I would pick it up. I am so pleased I did! This is the most luxurious shower gel I have ever used. Whilst the foaming formula effectively refreshes, cleanses and fragrances, it also feels really delicate on the skin which I love. The scent is also lovely - I'm not a huge fan of anything that has an overpowering 'rosy' smell, but this is gorgeous and nuances of almond oil make it even more delicious. Because the gel lathers up so well, a little does go a long way with this product and one can has lasted me much longer than I expected. At the moment, you can pick up one of these striking fuchsia beauties at John Lewis for the discounted price of £5 - I'm stocking up!!

Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes.
These brushes have completely revolutionised my make up routine and I've only been using them for a few weeks. After reading so many flawless reviews about this collection in particular, I bought them off Amazon for about £17. For four make up brushes, which I really cannot fault, this is such amazing value and I cannot urge you more to invest in these! I use each one of these brushes daily and actually, I get more use out of them than my more expensive brushes from Bobbi Brown and Estée Lauder. My favourite is definitely the buffing brush, which has allowed me to create the most flawless foundation look I have ever managed. You can see my full review on the Real Techniques Core Collection, here.

Manuka Doctor Rejuvenating Face Mask.
My favourite face mask of the month, and perhaps of all time too, is this gorgeous treatment from Manuka Doctor. This product is part of the no.1 beauty trend for 2013: bee venom, which believe it or not, is 8x the cost of gold! Renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties and benefits as a 'natural botox', this nourishing formula claims to contain 10,000 bee stings in an endeavour to promote skin renewal and elasticity. It really works. I've been using this twice a week for over a month now and my skin feels tighter, more radiant and is really clear. If I'm feeling tired or in need of a pick-me-up, I can really rely on this product. At the beginning of the month, I did a full review on the wonderful Manuka Doctor which you can have a read of here, if you're interested in the rest of the ApiNourish range. I also talk about the ApiClear range from Manuka Doctor, which I would highly recommend if you're worried about problem skin over the summer. 

Essie 'Tea and Crumpets'. 
For a good while I was looking for the perfect nude nail colour to take me through the Spring and Summer months. Finally, I found it in Essie's range in the form of 'Tea and Crumpets' - delicious. The colour is a gorgeous nude with a bright sheen to it, which I would usually discern in favour of a matte finish. But it actually makes my nails look lovely and bright. I love Essie's lacquer in general as it is a little thicker than many other brands and also so long lasting. Sometimes, with my trusty Leighton Denny Base and Top Coat, this will last me a good week. I've been wearing this so much throughout May and have been reluctant to use any other colour - I lovee it! You can see my detailed post on Nail Care for S|S 2013, here

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette.
This has been my go-to product of the month. I think I speak for many of us when I say that Urban Decay's 'Naked 2', is one of those holy grail products, but, this month this has become my new muse. The new 'Basics' palette, is the first matte eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay and I am already a huge fan of the six neutral colours included. Usually, I am more of a shimmer girl when it comes to shadows, particularly in the summer months when you can really play around with some sparkle. 'Venus', the cream shimmer on the left of the palette, retains this finish, however, I've really enjoyed using the neutral matte eye make up in Naked Basics, which allows you to create a quick and simple everyday eye look. The palette itself is such an ideal size to take away and as well as shadow, I also use it as a brow and eye liner palette. For this reason it is an ideal holiday buy if you're looking for a multifunctional product, or something to mattify the eyes in humidity. Look out for a full review and tutorial on this make up staple, coming soon.

Miss Dior Eau De Parfum.
I thought I would add this beautiful perfume onto the end of my favourites list this month, as I haven't given it any praise yet on my blog! I like to think of Miss Dior as my signature scent, my friend Katie always tells me, 'it's you in a bottle!' I've used this beautiful fragrance from Dior every day for about two years now and I can't imagine ever loving another perfume more than I do this one. I was a bit glum when they recently discontinued 'Miss Dior Cherie' as this was a little more delicate, however I do not love it any less. The bottle is a beautiful and sophisticated addition to anyones dressing table and the perfume itself is sexy, pretty and flirty all rolled into one. J'adore.

So there you have it- my beauty faves for the month of May!
Have you used any of these gorgeous products? What are your favourite products this month?


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer

Up until quite recently, primers have always been something of a 'grey area' to me. I think I've always been a bit sceptical about them - a primer is an extra step in your make up routine which you can't really see... so is it worth spending money on one? After using Prime Time from bareMinerals, my answer is confidently, yes. A good primer really will give you a silky smooth canvas to buff your foundation onto. As well as this, Prime Time also promises that its 'flawless' formula combats dryness, excess oil and smooths the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines - fantastic! 

(bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer (Original) available here.)

As you can see from the image above, this primer has a gel consistency, which absorbs into the skin lovely. The gorgeous formula is really skin-friendly and completely free of preservatives, oils and fragrances, so I feel like it creates something of a neutral barrier between my skin and my make up. bareMinerals direct you to apply a thin layer of the primer onto the face and wait until this dries to apply your foundation. The first thing you notice when you use this product, is the incredibly soft and supple finish it gives. My skin feels so smooth and hydrated and the overall finish of my foundation has really improved. At the moment I'm using No7's Stay Perfect Foundation, which sometimes tends to slip if my skin becomes oily as the day progresses, but after using this primer as a base, I have noticed a marked improvement in its staying power. I really am so pleased I've introduced this lovely product into my make up routine. I think the only thing I can really question, is that I've not really seen a huge difference in the size of my pores. But otherwise, it does an amazing job refining the texture of the skin - I love it! 

I bought the 30ml bottle at for the discounted price of £15.99, which I initially thought was quite expensive. However, that said, only the tiniest amount is needed to do your whole face and the easy pump applicator makes this possible, so I would estimate the bottle to last a good few months in total. I think now is the time to buy a product like this, as the weather is getting warmer and increasingly more humid, so many of us find ourselves in need of a little something to keep oily skin at bay! Prime Time has slightly manipulated the wonderful formula to create their 'Oil Control' Primer, so if you do suffer with oily skin I would really recommend giving this a good go. All in all, I have seen a really positive difference in my base make up, using the original formula.

Can anyone else recommend a good primer to try? 


Saturday, May 25, 2013

£1 Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Repair Mask

When I was in town last week, I thought I would nip into Poundland to see if they had any bargain goodies to try and sure enough, I found this little beauty from Mellor & Russell hidden away on the shelves. I've been wanting to try out Argan Oil for some time now, but haven't managed to convince myself to splurge on pricey hair products with my tender student budget! So when I saw this deep conditioning mask available for £1, with promises of 'soft and shiny hair', I threw it straight in the basket. I'm so happy with the results and can confidently say that I've been won over by the magic of Argan oil!

(Mellor&Russell Hair Repair Mask, £1 at Poundland.)

Argan Oil is most renowned for its natural benefits in nourishing the hair and replenishing moisture which has been lost from over-styling and mistreatment. It has become so popular in the last few years - in 2007 there was only 2 products containing Argan Oil on the US market, however in 2011, this number increased to over 100! This shows just how effective Argan Oil actually is, as a rich, naturally occurring nutrient that can positively transform the quality of our hair.

The mask from Mellor and Russell directs you to apply the creamy product to your ends and leave on for 3-5 minutes, so it's really simple to incorporate into your current hair routine and use once or twice a week in place of your current conditioner. Even after just one use, I can see that my hair is smoother and more manageable. Amazingly, those few wispy, damaged hairs seem to be somewhat rejuvenated! But I think the biggest difference I have noticed, is how soft my hair has become after just one week. It feels completely hydrated and nourished, thanks to the miracle Argan Oil formula! It also smells absolutely delicious - Summer in a bottle! At such a brilliant price, I think I will continue to use this lovely product once a week, to give my hair a little pick-me-up. However, I would be really interested in how it compares to more high-end, refined products that contain Moroccan Oil.

I absolutely love the healthy sheen that my hair has after using this conditioning mask. I couldn't urge you more to pop into Poundland and pick up a tube of this gorgeous repair formula, it's going to keep my hair hydrated over Summer and I hope it will do the same for you! 


Friday, May 24, 2013

Bambi and Manson

After a flurry of beauty posts in the last few days, I've decided to focus on fashion this morning and showcase my favourite staple for this Summer. Bambi and Manson are a UK fashion label with a fresh and innovative approach to denim. Polly O'Connell and Jim Cubitt, the gorgeous couple behind the brand, use their tremendous talents to customise high-waisted denim shorts and create magnificent, original designs. They have already enjoyed immense success here in the UK, however also supply the likes of Kylie and Kendall Jenner, overseas.

I've been wanting to get my hands on my very own BAMS for a long while, so last month I finally made the investment and purchased a pair of gorgeous washed-out denim short-shorts! Bambi and Manson release just a handful of these unique Limited Editions every couple of weeks and they sell out like hot cakes... So I quickly became a dedicated 'wanna-be BAM' girl, with my eyes glued to the computer screen in anticipation of their release. Using the very helpful measurement information on their website, I was able to snap up a pair in my size and I absolutely love the design. As you can see, the distressed denim has been customised with daisy chain links, which I think is adorable for the upcoming Summer months! Bambi and Manson endeavour to manifest aspects of their own personalities within the shorts, which means that there is always such a wide variety of design choice available on Limited Edition day. On their website, Bambi asserts herself as the 'cute side' whereas Manson is somewhat 'more edgy' - I think I've gone for Bambi!! 

 (My Bambi and Manson Limited Editions, bought here.)

The upcoming months appear to be very exciting for the denim duo. Very soon, the brand is launching an exciting collaboration with Made in Chelsea's Millie Mackintosh, who has created her own Limited Edition shorts available for pre-order soon. Bambi and Manson are also currently making their own brand denim available to all, which is a massive feat! But I think what I'm most excited for is next month, when we will be able to see the creative couple's work debut in Selfridges, through an exclusive denim collaboration with True Religion Brand Jeans. The 50 piece capsule collection will be exclusive to the department store and I can't wait to get back to London and go and have a look! The label are taking their inspiration from California, the beach and the LA girl, so I can't wait to see what they've come up with.

View previous Limited edition BAMS, here.

Just yesterday, Bambi and Manson announced that they are working on a final batch of Limited Editions before their own brand denim arrives! If you want to join the #BAMFAM and get your hands on some of these individual beauties in the next few days, I would recommend following them on twitter for the latest updates and release times: @Bambi_andManson. These shorts are a staple investment for Summer and I am eagerly awaiting some warmer weather so I can wear them daily!
Thank you Bambi and Manson for revolutionising fashion!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser

Over the years, I've tried to ween myself onto tinted moisturisers as opposed to foundation, however have never found one which I've enjoyed using. I'm always worried about uneven coverage. However, I have finally been bewitched by the Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser from NARS and I absolutely love it. It was quite difficult choosing between this and MAC's Studio Moisture Tint. However, I was won over by NARS due to the higher SPF 30 protection in their formula, which will be really useful over summer. Please meet my new favourite beauty product!

(NARS Pure Radient Tinted Moisturiser, available here.)

I have been using the tinted moisturiser from NARS in 'Alaska', for a few weeks now and I think its gorgeous. There are a real variety of shades available and I always worry with moisturisers that I'll chose one which is too dark, but 'Alaska' is the second lightest of the eleven shades within the range and well suited to my skin tone. If you are fair, then I would really recommend trying 'Finland' to begin with. At the moment I am revising for my exams, so I have really welcomed having this on the shelf. When I wake up in the mornings I actually look forward to wearing this, it has such a refreshing herbal scent. NARS claim that the advanced formula helps to reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and dark spots within four weeks. I haven't used the product for full time yet, however I'm convinced its working as it should - I have really noticed a difference in the quality of my skin. The coverage that it achieves is perfect: radiant, smooth and not at all cakey. It completely evens out my skin tone. I hope you can see from the image below, just how well this product is blended into the skin:

(Shade: 'Alaska'.)

I am really enjoying wearing this on my skin during the day, it leaves me with a natural, dewy glow and is completely oil-free - which I love. My skin feels hydrated for longer and I find myself experiencing fewer of those dry patches that I tend to get when I've been wearing foundation for hours on end. If you've been thinking about taking the plunge into the world of tinted moisturisers, I hope this has given you the little nudge that you need! I couldn't recommend this product more and I can't wait to take it away on holiday with me in a few weeks time. It is an ideal size for travel and with SPF 30, it will keep my skin protected and also provide beach-ready coverage! 


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes

I do find brushes quite a difficult thing to buy on my student budget. For the price of a good quality brush or applicator, I would much rather spend the money on a palette or foundation. However, after hearing endless praise for the Real Techniques brushes, and their 'Core Collection' in particular, I took the plunge and honestly, I cannot remember my make up routine without them.

(Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes, available here for £17.85)

I have been using these brushes for a few weeks now and I love them. First of all, I was so surprised at how affordable they are. After all the hype built up around them, I was so pleased to purchase four of these high quality beauties for under £20. I love that they are made from synthetic fibre, so as opposed to natural hair brushes, they dry super quick once I've washed them. This also means that they don't soak up as much product when you use them and they really are, so soft! I think they'd be a great choice of brushes if you've got more sensitive skin, as they are not at all scratchy or unpleasant to use.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
This brush achieves wonders and certainly the most flawless foundation look I have ever managed. I use it to buff my liquid foundation (I imagine it works just as well with mousse) onto the face and I end up with such an even coverage and smooth finish. I also use it to neaten up any contouring that I do as it seems a really good size for this. This is probably the brush I use the most and it has become a staple in my daily make up.

Real Techniques Contour Brush
This little beauty is the best contouring brush I have come across. It is the perfect size for applying bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks and I tend to use it frequently for highlight as well. I also think the egg shape and super tapered cut works well with blush. Ultimately, it is super effective at creating definition and a soft focus finish. If you are a beginner to contouring, this really will become your best friend very quickly, as it is so versatile. 
Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush
I personally find this brush quite small to apply my foundation with and I think its size suits it more to liquid highlight. However, I also tend to use this with liquid concealer under the eyes, or for small foundation touch ups around the nose, chin or eye area. Even though it seems too tiny to apply full cover foundation with, you can really use this brush to your advantage.
Real Techniques Detailer Brush
I probably use this brush the most with my MAC Studio Finish Concealer, so primarily for concealer touch up on pimples or unwanted redness. The size of the brush is perfect for this function, however I also use it for detail if I'm working with eyeshadow, as it is great for applying lighter shades to the inner corners of the eyes, to highlight and accentuate.
Overall, these brushes are great and I now find myself using them more than some of my more expensive brushes from Estée Lauder and Bobbi Brown! At such an affordable price, you really can't go wrong with these and they will make such a positive difference to your daily make up routine.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in Shy Girl

This is one of my holy grail products! I have always preferred a nude look when it comes to lips, especially on a night out when I'm wearing heavier eye makeup. For most of my early teenage years, I always put my trust in Natural Collection's Juicy Lip Gloss, in good old Raspberry Ripple. However, after searching for more of a matte, long lasting finish and something to complement my skin tone, I've stuck to this: MAC's Cremesheen Lipstick in Shy Girl.

(Mac Lipstick in Shygirl, available here.)

I chose MAC's Cremesheen line, firstly for its staying power. The product is so long lasting and also leaves your lips feeling really smooth and moisturised, as opposed to the dryness I usually experience after wearing lipstick. It glides over the lips really nicely, leaving you with perfect coverage and a smooth texture, rather than a frosty finish. Also, the scent is a gorgeous vanilla, which is so yum. MAC talk about this lipstick as 'what made MAC famous' and rightly so - the formula is amazing. The entire Cremesheen range comes in a huge variety of colours and I had a tough time finding the shade which best suited my skin tone! Shy Girl achieves the natural lip I want, however without sporting the no-chic 'foundation lip'. If you're looking for a nude lip look for summer, then I could not recommend this more. What other shades can you recommend from the Cremesheen range?


Monday, May 20, 2013

Estée Lauder Five Colour EyeShadow Palette

Today I am going to share the makeup look I'm loving at the moment with Estée Lauder's Five Colour EyeShadow Palette. The sleek, gold compact itself is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for carrying round in your handbag over summer! Inside, are five stunning, versatile colours and two applicator wands - which is everything you need to create my favourite sun-kissed eye look for the warmer months to come.

(Estée Lauder Five Colour Eyeshadow Palette, available here.)

The palette I chose, is the 'Surreal Skies' combination, which is available to purchase online at Estée Lauder, or from Boots. I think I ended up deciding on these shades, because ultimately I prefer using shadows where I can achieve a more natural look. The colours in the Surreal Skies compact create this nude effect, but I also fell in love with the bold purple in the centre. This shadow has a matte finish, which looks so lovely against the shimmer and metallic shades when blended into the crease of the eye. I also love the highlight on the left of the palette, which Estée Lauder call a 'satin' effect. This is probably one of the best highlight shadows I have used, primarily for its staying power and lustrous finish. But I think what is most loveable about these eye shadows, is their blending ability. The versatile colours really allow you to play around with different intensities, finishes and impacts. 

To create this look, I started by using the light gold and working this colour the whole way across to lid to form a base. This metallic shade makes the finished look really bright, without too much sparkle. I then took the darker brown shade from the bottom of the palette and applied this to the outer corner of the eyes. Then, using a blending brush, blended the darker shade into the metallic gold, around the outer edge. Next, with the pointed end of the applicator, which is included with the palette, I applied the matte purple in a thin line from the outer edge of the eye and along the crease, then blended this to give an extra dimension. Finally, to really accentuate the entire look I used the satin highlight colour on the very inner corners of my eyes and also on the brow bone.

Hopefully you can see just how well the colours blend together in the image below. The pigment is so long lasting and velvety smooth, meaning you aren't left with that awful creased finish you can tend to get from cheaper products. I really am so impressed with these shadows.

Estée Lauder have a gorgeous selection of limited 'summer ready' colour combinations at the moment, available here for £35. After trying these fabulous shades, I'm now lusting over the 'Bronze Dunes' compact, which seems ideal to try if you're looking to create a brown smokey eye. Overall, I think this is a really lovely look for Summer which can be swiftly and easily adapted, to take you from day to night.


Liz Earle Skincare

Liz Earle is a brand that I've used with my Sister and my Mum for near on three years now. I use her products every single day and they have become such a staple in my skincare regime, so this is a review I have really been looking forward to doing. Liz's philosophy is 'naturally active' skincare, which for me is a complete selling point in itself. I think I speak for many of us if I say that 'natural' and 'active' are probably the two chief qualities we want to find in a product: something that is going to be kind to our skin but also give us those results! With Liz Earle, you absolutely get this.

Their entire range of products maintain a commitment to high quality yet safe ingredients. Most of their formulas are infused with natural source Vit E, which I personally always look for in a product, particularly moisturisers. If you see this anti-oxident, you know your skin is going to gain some good, organic nutrient. Plant oils and extracts are also on all the ingredient lists, as opposed to those genetically modified nasties. And for even more brownie points, Liz Earle are genuinely concerned with the environment and manufacture their packaging in a way that has a minimal negative impact.

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
This is my all-time favourite skincare product and the king of all cleansers. The consistency of the formula is perfect and feels so rich and nourishing on the skin. The chamomile and cocoa butter means that it is super gentle - ideal to try out if you have sensitive skin. Eucalyptus Oil is also on the list - and essential oil which for years has been recommended in combination with cocoa butter, as an antibiotic ointment for bites and scratches. So ideal for clearer skin and getting any breakouts under control. Also, despite how light the cleanser feels, it is so effective at removing makeup and those stubborn dregs of mascara. The pump applicator will give you the perfect amount of product and also helps to ensure you get the most out of the bottle! To remove the cleanser, I use the Liz Earle Pure Muslin Cloth, which is exfoliating yet not too abrasive on the skin and helps to dislodge impurities and dead skin cells. This really is the wow-factor of the 'polish' regime and leaves your skin feeling completely pampered. Since I first used this years ago, I have used it every morning and evening to remove any cleanser, treatment or mask I've applied to my skin. It's amazing and has also saved me a lot of money on exfoliators! This product is absolutely wonderful and has won endless awards, including Best Cleanser in the Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards last year- rightly so.

Instant Boost Skin Tonic
This is a wonder toner. The infusion of chamomile and aloe vera leaves your skin super-soft, however also wide-awake. Cucumber extracts make you feel really revitalised and if I have tired or puffy eyes in the mornings, which unfortunately seems to be happening more and more, I dilute the formula and soak cotton pads for a 'DIY' pick-me-up. Also, if the cleanser has left any traces of makeup for you to deal with, this is sure to remove it. If I'm in a real rush in the mornings then I will just sweep this over my face and I feel good to go. Liz Earle claim that the scented geranium, lavender and sweet orange scent will restore and revive your spirits and they're right, once again.

Skin Repair Moisturiser (Normal/Combination)
Endlessly conscious of different skin-types, which I always love in any range, this moisturiser varies its formula to suit your skin. At the moment I'm using the normal/combination pot - as we are moving into summer now my skin is becoming slightly more oily, so I don't need the same hydration as I do in the winter months. This product is such a treat for the skin after you've 'polished'. The cream is really absorbing and light as a feather, however the Vit E ensures you get that essential moisture. I love that this product contains echinacea and I think it's actually the only product I have used that contains this herby health agent. The medicinal benefits of echinacea have only been made explicit to us quite recently, but ultimately, it is an amazing 'immuno-stimulator'. Mum always gives me tablets of it if I'm struggling with a cold. However, in skincare terms, it has powerful anti-inflamatory properties so could be really useful for those struggling with acne or eczema.

Overall, it goes without saying that this little trio of natural skincare products are super dooper. I've been recommending them for months and know that I will continue to do so for a long time into the future! The Liz Earle range is available online or from John Lewis here, however I tend to keep an eye on QVC as they always have amazing deals to snap up. 'Pampering yet affordable' as the Liz Earle team themselves put it, these really are re-purchase, re-purchase, re-purchase products. 


Monday, May 13, 2013

How To: De-stress and Keep Focused

The month of May is once again upon us and revision has upped all of our stress levels. So to try and keep us all relatively calm and focused, I've put together some top tips which hopefully will help to keep everyone refreshed and feeling productive!

1. Go for a walk
This is also a great excuse to get out into the lovely weather we have been having at the moment! If you're feeling tired, exposing yourself to a little Vit D will help re-charge your batteries. Sunshine will stop the production of the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for feelings of lethargy. So even if you are working in the library or the office, grab the spot by the window! Taking a walk will also help to refresh you if you've come face to face with that mental block.

2. Eat right
During revision, it is ever so tempting to snack, snack, snack and keep our energy levels up - I am a massive culprit for this and will always take a trip down to the vender when I'm struggling! However, it has been proved that maintaining a balanced diet can help to improve your concentration. Although it weighs only 2% of your total body weight, the brain uses a massive 20% of body energy when at rest. This energy chiefly comes from glucose, which we obtain from carbohydrate rich foods like breads and pasta. Also, during exam time especially, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and will re-fuel you in preparation for a good mornings work. Skipping meals can sometimes add to stress, so try and keep in the routine of three meals a day and eat your way (healthily) to exam success!

3. Plan Ahead
Planning ahead and making a 'to-do list, really helps you channel your energy and focus into the task in hand. I would really recommend timetabling your revision to structure your day and provide you with some sort of mental clarity. You will also feel a great sense of a achievement, crossing something of the list!

4. Exercise
Exercise is a great revision break and also proven up your mood. Even just stretching will increase blood flow to your brain and limbs and promote concentration. However limit yourself, as sometimes intense exercise can amplify stress, so take it a bit easy.

5. Pucker Up!
Kissing has been proved to combat isolation, which is one of the feelings that can arise with stress. Amongst women in particular, kissing releases endorphins which will keep us feeling happy and hopefully maintain our motivation! A kiss a day could keep the stress away!

6. Turn Up The Music
Having a break and singing along to some of your favourite tunes, will release these same 'happy' chemicals as kissing and increase your positivity.

7. Drink Water
Drinking water will prevent dehydration, which tends to lead to those dreaded revision headaches and feeling groggy. A recent study in London has shown that even feeling a little thirsty, can decrease your productivity as much as 10%! Water is better to drink than coffee but if you'd rather have something a little more exciting, try a herbal tea or a slice of lemon in hot water - drinking this first thing in the morning also helps to flush harmful toxins out of the body.

8. Turn Off Your Phone
In the modern world we live in, there are so many distractions. To try and stop those all to familiar moments of procrastination, switch off your phone for a while. These exams only come around once and this out-of-sight, out-of-mind tactic really works!

9. Take A Break
If you're feeling tired, don't think that you need to sleep to rest-up! A simple exercise that I have been taught, really helps to alleviate tension. Keeping both feet firmly on the floor and shoulder width apart, stack your forearms on the desk in front of you and shuffle your chair back to extend your spine. Rest your head on your hands for a few minutes and listen to some calming music. This is super-refreshing and I always come out of the stretch feeling more positive.

Good luck with all your exams!

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