Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer

Up until quite recently, primers have always been something of a 'grey area' to me. I think I've always been a bit sceptical about them - a primer is an extra step in your make up routine which you can't really see... so is it worth spending money on one? After using Prime Time from bareMinerals, my answer is confidently, yes. A good primer really will give you a silky smooth canvas to buff your foundation onto. As well as this, Prime Time also promises that its 'flawless' formula combats dryness, excess oil and smooths the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines - fantastic! 

(bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer (Original) available here.)

As you can see from the image above, this primer has a gel consistency, which absorbs into the skin lovely. The gorgeous formula is really skin-friendly and completely free of preservatives, oils and fragrances, so I feel like it creates something of a neutral barrier between my skin and my make up. bareMinerals direct you to apply a thin layer of the primer onto the face and wait until this dries to apply your foundation. The first thing you notice when you use this product, is the incredibly soft and supple finish it gives. My skin feels so smooth and hydrated and the overall finish of my foundation has really improved. At the moment I'm using No7's Stay Perfect Foundation, which sometimes tends to slip if my skin becomes oily as the day progresses, but after using this primer as a base, I have noticed a marked improvement in its staying power. I really am so pleased I've introduced this lovely product into my make up routine. I think the only thing I can really question, is that I've not really seen a huge difference in the size of my pores. But otherwise, it does an amazing job refining the texture of the skin - I love it! 

I bought the 30ml bottle at luxuryhairandbeauty.co.uk for the discounted price of £15.99, which I initially thought was quite expensive. However, that said, only the tiniest amount is needed to do your whole face and the easy pump applicator makes this possible, so I would estimate the bottle to last a good few months in total. I think now is the time to buy a product like this, as the weather is getting warmer and increasingly more humid, so many of us find ourselves in need of a little something to keep oily skin at bay! Prime Time has slightly manipulated the wonderful formula to create their 'Oil Control' Primer, so if you do suffer with oily skin I would really recommend giving this a good go. All in all, I have seen a really positive difference in my base make up, using the original formula.

Can anyone else recommend a good primer to try? 



  1. id try simples oil balancing moisturiser its great i reviewed it yesterday :)
    Lauren xx

    1. I'm coming to have a look Lauren, been looking for an oil balancing moisturiser!! xxx


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