Monday, May 20, 2013

Estée Lauder Five Colour EyeShadow Palette

Today I am going to share the makeup look I'm loving at the moment with Estée Lauder's Five Colour EyeShadow Palette. The sleek, gold compact itself is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for carrying round in your handbag over summer! Inside, are five stunning, versatile colours and two applicator wands - which is everything you need to create my favourite sun-kissed eye look for the warmer months to come.

(Estée Lauder Five Colour Eyeshadow Palette, available here.)

The palette I chose, is the 'Surreal Skies' combination, which is available to purchase online at Estée Lauder, or from Boots. I think I ended up deciding on these shades, because ultimately I prefer using shadows where I can achieve a more natural look. The colours in the Surreal Skies compact create this nude effect, but I also fell in love with the bold purple in the centre. This shadow has a matte finish, which looks so lovely against the shimmer and metallic shades when blended into the crease of the eye. I also love the highlight on the left of the palette, which Estée Lauder call a 'satin' effect. This is probably one of the best highlight shadows I have used, primarily for its staying power and lustrous finish. But I think what is most loveable about these eye shadows, is their blending ability. The versatile colours really allow you to play around with different intensities, finishes and impacts. 

To create this look, I started by using the light gold and working this colour the whole way across to lid to form a base. This metallic shade makes the finished look really bright, without too much sparkle. I then took the darker brown shade from the bottom of the palette and applied this to the outer corner of the eyes. Then, using a blending brush, blended the darker shade into the metallic gold, around the outer edge. Next, with the pointed end of the applicator, which is included with the palette, I applied the matte purple in a thin line from the outer edge of the eye and along the crease, then blended this to give an extra dimension. Finally, to really accentuate the entire look I used the satin highlight colour on the very inner corners of my eyes and also on the brow bone.

Hopefully you can see just how well the colours blend together in the image below. The pigment is so long lasting and velvety smooth, meaning you aren't left with that awful creased finish you can tend to get from cheaper products. I really am so impressed with these shadows.

Estée Lauder have a gorgeous selection of limited 'summer ready' colour combinations at the moment, available here for £35. After trying these fabulous shades, I'm now lusting over the 'Bronze Dunes' compact, which seems ideal to try if you're looking to create a brown smokey eye. Overall, I think this is a really lovely look for Summer which can be swiftly and easily adapted, to take you from day to night.


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