Friday, May 03, 2013

Summer Shoe Trend: The Clear Midriff

Summer is such a dynamic season for footwear and one of the hottest trends this year is the use of transparent material. The craze has seen a huge surge on the catwalks recently, especially since Christian Louboutin unveiled his interpretation of Cinderella's 'glass slipper', in a collaboration with Disney, to celebrate the re-release of the fairytale late last year. Today, I have fallen for these beautiful flats from Louboutin's S|S collection, where clear panels have been used to create the main structure of the shoe. This makes them so versatile and establishes an elegant yet fun look, by contrasting bright colour against the natural nude of the foot. 

The 'Corbeau Flat' from Louboutin £405 available here.

Unfortunately, Louboutin is a little over my student budget! So I have sought out a few cheaper imitations of the 'Corbeau Flat'. I found this trend quite tricky to shop for, as the clear panel can sometimes appear cheap and 'plastic-y' if badly manufactured. However, I think I have come up with some beautiful alternatives.  

1. Boohoo Loren Neon Toe Cap & Perspex Mid Heels £20; 2. Charlotte Russe Clear Side Pointy Toe Ballet Flat £16; 3. Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Clear Panel Pointy-Toe Skimmer £22; 4. Fabio Rusconi Clear Flat £96.

Taking transparency to an extreme, is the revival of the ubiquitous 90's Jelly Shoe! I always used to wear these in the summer when I was young with a pair of dungarees and here they are again - in adult! The now timeless trend from yesteryear is everywhere at the moment and a perfect Summer addition to any fashionista's wardrobe. My favourite is the J Maskry + Melissa Shoes style below, which are embellished with diamante for a super-chic look. However, they are a little pricey and the Topshop version are a wonderful imitation, minus the encrusting.  

1. J Maskry + Melissa Shoes Spider Diamante Clear £310; 2. Topshop Huey2 Gladiator Jelly Sandals £20

I personally prefer a more elegant look when it comes to footwear and am a firm believer in 'less is more'! So I tend to prefer styles that include only a single feature in the clear plastic. That said, the Jelly shoe is incredibly fun and fully embraces this leading trend in transparent footwear. There's no more hiding behind our winter boots!


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