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The Beauty Buzz: Manuka Doctor Skincare

When I first heard about the bee venom skincare craze, I was sceptical. Kate Middleton, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham, were all reportedly 'buzzing' over the highly acclaimed, 'natural botox'. However, when Manuka Doctor made the skin treatment accessible to the high street, I decided to give it a go and honestly, my skin has never been better.

I wanted to know a little more about bee venom, before effectively covering my face in stings. It is believed that the product is responsible for stimulating the skin's natural production of collagen and elastin, giving rise to amazing lifting and tightening results. Also, following clinical research, the venom is also seen to contain a clever little compound called melittin, which has powerful anti-inflammotary properties. It is also true that, per ounce, bee venom is 8x the cost of gold!! A massive 10,000 bee stings are required to obtain just 1g of venom, however the industry are quick to reassure us that their harvesting methods are completely bee-friendly. 

The Manuka Doctor range also provides us with the health benefits of Manuka Honey, which is renowned for its anticeptic qualities. Whenever I have a cough or a cold, or even if I'm feeling a bit worse-for-wear after a big night out, I will have a teaspoon of this miracle medicine and a slice of lemon in hot water. Immediately, I feel awake and ready to go. On our skin, it is extremely hydrating to the extent that it can even help to restore damaged skin barriers and reduce the appearance of scars and acne.

From right to left: ApiNourish Skin Repairing Cream, ApiNourish Restoring Night Cream, ApiNourish Rejuvenating Face Mask, ApiClear Foaming Facial Cleanser, ApiClear Skin Treatment Serum and ApiClear Facial Moisturising Lotion. 

Manuka Doctor have developed a number of skincare ranges containing the purified form of bee venom, which shows their concern for different age and skin types. I have reviewed part of the ApiClear range, which is conscious of blemish-prone skin and also their ApiNourish collection which endeavours to alleviate the signs of ageing.

ApiClear Foaming Facial Cleanser £16.99
This cleanser has worked wonders for my skin. It targets troubled areas by relieving daily impurities and blemishes, to the extent that it has even been recommended as an alternative to antibiotics in the treatment of acne. After wearing heavy make-up, my skin will tend to look tired and experience breakouts. However, after using this cleanser day and night for three weeks, I have noticed a vast improvement. I rub a pea-sized amount, together with a splash of warm water, onto my face before removing with a warm cloth and flushing my skin with cold water. When I use this product, my skin always feels bright and instantly radiant.

ApiClear Skin Treatment Serum £18.99
Unlike other serums I have used before, this product has more of a gel-like consistency. At first I didn't really rate it as it felt somewhat sticky and oppressive on my face. However, once the product has penetrated the skin, it leaves it feeling so soft and balanced. I haven't had a breakout in weeks! The oil-free formula means that it will work great in conjunction with other products, without your skin feeling irritated from 'product-overload'. If you are looking for just one of these products to introduce into your current skincare regime, I would go for this. I really feel like it's doing the job when I apply it to my skin.

ApiClear Facial Moisturising Lotion £16.99
This lotion is so lightweight and really glides onto the skin lovely. Sometimes I do get small dry patches if I have been wearing heavy make-up the previous day, so if you do struggle with particularly dry skin, then I would recommend topping up with something a little more hydrating. However, after applying this, my skin feels so soft and supple and the lotion sits extremely well under my make-up for the day.

ApiNourish Rejuvenating Face Mask £49.99
This is the ultimate product for skin renewal and claims to contain 10,000 bee stings, which is obviously why it is a little more pricey. The formula combines the effects of bee venom and manuka honey, with royal jelly, rosehip and blackcurrant oil, to accelerate naturally occurring collagen formation and improve skin elasticity. I have used this product four times now and it leaves my skin feeling like it has had the best pamper session ever! The consistency is more like a cream than a mask, smells amazing and feels gorgeous on application. After I have dried my face, my skin feels instantly tighter and looks flawless! This product really works, it is one of the best face masks I have ever used.

ApiNourish Repairing Skin Cream £24.99
With this particular cream, I find the smell slightly off-putting and chemical, however have tried to reassure myself that the benefits are worth it! The directions say to apply this in the morning, so I sometimes use this rather than the ApiClear Moisturising Lotion. The cream is deeply nourishing and hydrating and combines purified bee venom with Vit E to help the renewal of damaged skin cells and reduce the appearance of fine lines. This cream claims to show improvements in 'just four weeks' and true to form, my skin has certainly been positively enhanced.

ApiNourish Restoring Night Cream £24.99
This cream feels so rich on the skin, however is neither greasy or irritating. It feels lovely and light upon application and extremely luxurious. When I wake up in the morning, my skin feels fresh and radiant. It is certainly the most nourishing and hydrating product across the Manuka Doctor range and instantly uplifts a tired looking complexion. No more walking into lectures looking half asleep! This is my favourite and most efficacious product across the ApiClear and ApiNourish range.

Even after just three weeks of using the Manuka Doctor products, the effects have been amazing and my skin feels so youthful and rejuvenated. I would REALLY recommend introducing purified bee venom to your skincare regime: jump on this 'beauty buzz'!



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