Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Empties #1

I've really been looking forward to doing my first 'empties' post, as it shows you which products a blogger truly loves - down to the last dregs! I've faced quite a few empty bits and pieces in the last month, so here goes.

Estée Lauder Gentle Make Up Remover.
This is one of my favourite Make Up removers, it is so gentle but really gets rid of everything when you need it to. It's hypoallergenic, oil-free and fragrance-free which I really like, particularly in the Summer months when I don't like excess oil on my skin. You really don't need a lot of product for it to do its job - I got this for Christmas in Estée Lauder's gift set, which gives you an idea of how long its lasted me!! Definitely recommended - delicate but effective, it leaves the eye area feeling soft and fresh.

Clinique Airbrush Concealer.
I always pick one of these miracle pens up when I pass through duty free. At £17 it has quite an expensive price tag, so I stock up when I can get some money off! But this really is worth the pennies. I've used it as my under-eye concealer for a few years now and even when I've been enticed to try out similar ones, I always return to trusty Clinique! I use it in the shade 04 neutral fair which is really well suited to my skin tone and the light reflecting particles inside makes it really effective at covering up tired eyes. The formula is smooth, flawless and doesn't crack as some concealers can do. This is one of my holy grail products - the only niggle I have is that with the click-pen applicator, I can never tell when it's going to run out! 

Manuka Doctor Foaming Facial Cleanser.
I absolutely love love love the entire Manuka Doctor range and this cleanser in particular. It targets troubled areas by relieving daily impurities and blemishes, to the extent that it has even been recommended as an alternative to antibiotics in the treatment of acne - yes, it's that good! After wearing heavy make-up, my skin sometimes tends to look tired and experience breakouts. However, after using this cleanser day and night for the past month, there has been a drastic improvement. I rub a pea-sized amount, together with a drop of water, onto my face before removing it with a warm cloth and flushing my skin with cold water. When I use this product, my skin instantly feels bright, radiant and wonderfully clean. I will definitely be repurchasing! You can see my full review on the ApiClear and also the ApiNourish range from Manuka Doctor, here

Aussie Take The Heat 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment.
Aussie is my go-to hair care range; the one which I use the most regularly and really feel like I can rely on. I love their concern with different hair types. At the moment, I've been tonging and blow drying my hair quite frequently for end-of-year parties at uni, so I've turned to their 'Take The Heat' deep conditioning treatment. My favourite of the 3 minute miracles, is the 'Reconstruction' formula, which is a real treat for your hair and fab at replacing lost moisture from dry cuticles. But I've also really enjoyed using this one. I haven't had to worry about using heat protector spray in my hair care regime and I can confidently style my hair stress-free. To protect your luscious locks, it contains Australian Jojoba-seed oil, which is used by the natives of the country to heal skin. This makes it smell gorgeous and also leaves your hair sot, shiny and manageable. A definite re-purchase around party season. 

Murad Firm and Tone Serum.
As part of my Summer-ready skincare regime, I've been using the Firm and Tone Serum from Murad. I've always been lucky enough to have a slim build but after my first year at uni, catered food and frequent toastie trips to the shop have taken their toll! So with the Summer months fast approaching and limited time to get to the gym, I was looking for a firming cream that really worked. After reading rave reviews about this Serum, I decided to purchase and I am so pleased I did. At £49.95-£63.00 this product has a hefty price tag, but if you're looking for a last minute quick-fix for a fast approaching holiday, this is for you. The formula contains revolutionary (but quite obscure) ingredients, such as Cayenne Pepper, Tiger's Herb and Cat's Claw which all work to firm and smooth the appearance of skin. It claims to make improvements of up to 80% and guarantees visible results within 8 weeks. I can really say that I feel much more confident than I did 6 weeks ago and the serum has become a staple in my bikini-ready preparation! It doesn't have the most appealing scent, but otherwise this is the wonder product to introduce into your skincare routine this Summer. 

St. Tropez Body Polisher Exfoliant.
When I'm in T K Maxx I always hunt around the beauty shelves for some cheap as chips St. Tropez, as this is my absolute favourite fake tanning line. I love their exfoliator, which is extremely effective at removing patchy colour and getting rid of dead skin cells. It also creates a smooth, soft base when preparing the skin for fake tan and ensures a flawless finish. I'm never without it!

L'Oréal Elnett Satin Hairspray with Pro-Keratin.
Elnett is my holy grail hairspray and I can make a 400ml can last me a long time! I tend to go for the 'Very Volume' formula, which is enriched with Pro-Keratin. The Elnett formula is micro-diffused, which means you are never left with that sticky, stiff look which can sometimes be the case with cheaper products. Instead, your hair is left soft and shiny and if you're unhappy with the style after spraying, it simply brushes out. I also feel like the Pro-Keratin is doing my hair some benefit, rather than suffocating it with harmful product. 

Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara.
Unfortunately, I expected great things from this product but have been really disappointed with it. The formula itself is lovely, but the wand always comes out with too much product on - I have to really work hard to scrape off excess and prevent my lashes from becoming clumpy. So this one is not quite empty, as its now more effort to use it than not, but I thought I'd include it as I've finished using it. I've just picked up Rimmel's Scandal Eyes Lycra Flex Mascara as a replacement, which I'm really excited to try - full review coming soon!

What empties have you thrown away recently?



  1. Love Aussie products and they smell divine! x


  2. Simple's Kind To Skin Toner. Had to repurchase instantly, I'm addicted xoxo

    1. I've used their toner before Louise, I remember it being so lovely and gentle! xxx

  3. Great empties and reviews! I am interested in trying that makeup remover as I need a new one!


    1. Thanks Rebecca, it is a good one, I also love No 7's make up remover, I think it is even better than Estée Lauder's!! Let me know how you get on if you give it a go xxx

  4. Great empties post. Some of my favourites in here. Love Aussie and St Tropez and I agree TK Maxx is great for discounted beauty brands. I love having a rummage. x


    1. Thanks Linsay, I completely agree! Can't beat a bit of T K Maxx :) xxx


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