Saturday, June 01, 2013

#NextBloggerChallenge: What's in your travel bag?

The Summer has finally arrived!! After I finished my final exam this week, I received a lovely email from Next, inviting me to take part in their blogger challenge this month. The instructions are simply to tell you what's in my holiday bag this Summer, where I'm going and what my travel essentials are. In a few weeks time I'm lucky enough to be jetting off to the gorgeous island of Tenerife, so it's been really useful collecting my hand luggage together ahead of schedule!

I've based my travel essentials on a classic monochrome palette and chosen the Mono Reversible Tote Bag as my carry on. At 41x46x15cm it falls well within the standard hand luggage size requirements and is big enough for all your flying essentials, as well as those few bits and pieces you couldn't squeeze into your suitcase!! I love that the bag is reversible as this makes it really versatile - a staple tote which can be used all year round. You can pick it up online at Next here, for the bargain price of £20.

Inside, I've included some key bits and bobs for the flight. I think perhaps my favourite is the Laser Cut iPad Clutch, which as well as keeping your iPad safe, can also double up as a clutch bag when you arrive at your holiday destination. I absolutely love the detailing which will really add a buzz of texture to an outfit. With two great travel functions, this is yours for only £22. Upon arrival, I'm going to need some instant sun protection which I've chosen in the form of Preppy Black Sunglasses and a Mono Weave Floppy Straw Hat. I absolutely love floppy hats, especially on the beach and with the simple 'go-with-anything' pair of sunnies, these essentials are perfect for those first few steps out of the airport! Also, I always pack one bikini in my hand luggage, just incase my luggage goes walk-abouts (touch wood!) so I've picked out this beaut Kahki Fringed Swimsuit. The fringed detail is right on trend and I think the colour will really compliment bronzed skin! Finally, a Pink Make Up Bag adds a pop of colour to my essentials list in a gorgeous fuchsia.

You can pick up any of the items above, online at Next, here

I also thought I'd share some of the in-flight necessities which will be in my make up bag. I'll start with the Body Shop Travel Kit, which is perfect for decanting the products you want to take with you, into smaller bottles under the 100ml requirement. The Travel Perfume Automiser is also ideal for the same purpose. I was bought one of these handy little gadgets for Valentines Day this year and I've never been without it since! It's a perfect travel accessory for your handbag, that allows you to top up your favourite perfume on the move. You can buy them in all sorts of colours and they're really inexpensive so I couldn't recommend this more!

On the aeroplane, my skin becomes really thirsty, so to fight unwanted dehydration I've focused my skincare on products with nourishing benefits. For example, this Elemis Lip Balm is thirst quenching and will prevent dry, cracked lips over the course of the flight. I'm also a big fan of Aveeno for its moisturising properties, it once saved me from huge sunburn discomfort, so I've chosen the Aveeno Hand Cream to keep my hands soft and supple. For my face, I'm packing Johnsons Face Care Nourishing Facial Cleansing Wipes in the hope that they will not take away any wanted moisture. Also, a spritz of Caudalíe Beauty Elixir, rich with grape extracts, will give my skin an instant boost of radiance. When flying, I'm more interested in the condition of my skin rather than using make-up, but just incase I'm after a bit of coverage, I'll take my trusty Nars Pure Radient Tinted Moisturiser. I've completely fallen in love with this product and have been using it so much recently. You can see a full review of it right here, but in short, I can rely on this to keep my skin hydrated.

So there you have it - my travel bag for Summer 2013! What's in yours?



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    1. It's so annoying itsn't it Cris! Thank you for stopping by! xxx

  3. Hi dare!
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    1. Hi Anna, thank you! I would love to I've just left you a comment on you lovely blog xxx


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