Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation

No 7 is something of a holy grail brand for me. I think I bought my first ever beauty product from here many years ago - so there also lies some sentimental value! Anyway, today I'm reviewing their absolutely amazing Stay Perfect Foundation, which I first started using about six months ago and stuck with! I think most of you will agree that buying high street foundation is a bit of a chore - at the MAC or Dior counter you can rely on the helpful knowledge of beauticians to help decide with you. However, in Boots with the absence of natural light, I always seem to end up choosing completely the wrong colour. But no more! Last year, No 7 introduced their Foundation Match Made Service to the high street which claims to 'measure' the colour of your skin and match their products to your individual skin tone. I found this little machine to be surprisingly accurate...

(No7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Warm Beige, available here.)

After having a chat with a very helpful assistant, I walked away with the Stay Perfect Foundation in Warm Beige. This really does suit my skin tone which I was surprised with. Within the range, there are 17 shades, which is a huge variety for a drug store brand and means that just about anyone should be successful in finding Stay Perfect, or any of the No 7 products, in their correct, individual colour tone. As a foundation, it blends into the skin incredibly well and stays put for most of the day. No 7 say that it lasts 16 hours, but even using a primer I wouldn't say it quite goes to this length. However, I would say that this could be a great formula for you if you have more oily skin, as it does have great staying power. For the same reason, it is really safe bet for a Summer foundation and also contains SPF 15. Those with more sensitive skin are also in luck as this product is skin friendly and completely hypo-allergenic. The medium coverage is wonderful and I find myself wearing hardly any concealer with this as it tends to cover up any imperfections. However, if you do prefer your foundation with a little more coverage, Stay Perfect is really build-able and allows you to achieve the look you want, without looking cakey. 

A few years ago, I would refuse to buy any foundation other than DiorSkin Nude by Dior. This gorgeous fluid foundation has amazing coverage and in my opinion, really does give you that flawless finish you want from a high-end formula. No 7 Stay Perfect is almost my everyday replacement for my much-loved Dior formula, as it really does give such wonderful coverage and in my opinion, a similar finish. 

 (Left: DiorSkin Nude 020 | Right: No 7 Stay Perfect Warm Beige.)

As you can see from the image above, in natural light the No 7 formula is a little darker, but I put this down to the fact that I had my skin 'measured' when I had just returned from holiday, so my skin tone would have been a little more bronzed than it was when I was matched to Dior's 020. But a much more noticeable difference between these two foundations, is their cost! The Stay Perfect fluid foundation is available for just £14, half Dior's expensive price tag. When Boots have the £3 No 7 vouchers in store, you can pick up this amazing product for just £11! I've been recommending it to friends for a while now and have heard great reviews back - if you're looking for a new foundation to suit your natural skin tone, take a trip down to Boots and ask the assistants at No 7 for their help!

Have you tried No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation?



  1. I bought this too :D Check out my review at
    I liked it! Very natural, wish my assistant was as nice though haha


    1. Hi Nay, I like it too it's one of my favourite high street foundations! Really enjoyed your review xxx

  2. I use the total radiance everyday, and I love it. Its the best foundation Ive ever had. Love the blog too xxx

    1. Thanks Laura, I've not tried total radiance, I've been using Rimmel's 'Wake Me Up' foundation for that radient glow! But I may have to try No7 on your strong recommendation. Just left you a comment on your blog really enjoying reading your posts! Xxx


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