Sunday, June 16, 2013

Salon Chic Argan Oil; Pure Moroccan Oil For Under £5

I've been back to Bodycare! Another bargain, this time in the hair care section. I've not heard of Salon Chic before now, but have been really impressed with their Moroccan Argan Oil Formula. Pure Moroccan Oil is renowned for it's unique ability in restoring health and shine to tired locks, but also as an expensive and highly sought after ingredient, due to the difficulty of extraction. In some cases, it can take as long as a week to yield a single litre of oil. However, this 'miracle' product is now available on the market for under £5 in the form of this little beauty from Salon Chic...

(Salon Chic Moroccan Argan Oil, available here.)

I've been using this lovely formula for a couple of weeks now and apply a small amount to my hair after washing, making sure to focus on the ends which are in need of a little more TLC! I then comb the product through before blow drying, to ensure the oil coats the hair evenly. I've been so pleased with the results - my hair is much more manageable and so glossy. It has been given a new lease of life! Often, I find myself using a flat iron to tame the ends of my hair and keep any fly-aways under control. However, natural sterols within the Argan Oil, which work to retain moisture, keep any unwanted frizz at bay.

Due to the dainty size of the bottle, it seems absolutely perfect for taking away with you on holiday this Summer, to pamper sun damaged hair. Argan Oil is renowned for offering natural UV protection, so this is a perfect organic alternative to some of the more synthetic sun shielding products on the market. Also, the high levels of naturally occurring Vit E will help to revive hair which has been damaged by sun, sea and wind. You can buy it on Ebay here, for £3.95 but I picked it up for a mere £2.99 in Bodycare last week. I have always been a bit reluctant to splurge on the more high-end Moroccan Oil products, especially on my somewhat tender student budget and after using this incredibly cheap alternative, I am even more disinclined! If you want to try out the amazing benefits of this 'miracle oil' for yourself, then start here. 

What wonder products have you tried containing Argan Oil?



  1. Wow this sounds amazing and such a good price too. I use the VO5 Miracle Concentrate whenever I wash my hair and love it so i've been tempted to try a Moroccan oil too and this one sounds lovely.

    Hannah x

    1. Let me know which one you try and how you get on Hannah!! xxx

  2. Sparkly tresses becomes attainable together with Chaacoca's Shine Finishing Water. Provide us tresses which secret contact prior to walk out the entranceway, whilst defending it from dampness.Argan Oil

    1. Thanks for the comment Lisa, I've not heard of this going to have a look on google now - thank you for the recommendation!! Xxx


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