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Boots Haul 12.07.13

Hello everyone! Today is a special day for my little blog.. I've reached 10,000 page views! And to celebrate, I'm doing a drugstore haul for you all. This is my first haul post and I've been really excited to do one. Working up in London, it's very hard to resist popping into one of the many Boots stores so I'll jump straight into things and show you the products I've accumulated over the past couple of days...

Essie 'Limo-Scene'
I love Essie's nail varnish, it's my favourite high street brand and if I pass by the stand in Boots, I can't help having a nose at their beautiful colour range. They've just bought out a lovely new 'baby' duo in light of the Royal Prince or Princess, who we hope to see for the first time in the next few days! You can have a gander-oony at this on Essie's website - the light blue and pink colours are gorgeous...
Anyway, this week I've picked up a VERY pale pinky colour called 'Limo-Scene', which is available to buy here. It's one of those nude colours which makes your hands look especially tanned, so I'm loving wearing this on my nails at the moment. They've got it advertised on their website as a perfect nail look for a prom, so I'd really recommend giving this a go if you're searching for a super pretty colour for your end of year party. I'm forever impressed by the high quality of Essie's varnish and think I'll probably end up with the whole collection sooner or later.. oops! If you want to read more on my top tips for nail health and beauty over the Summer months, you can find a full blog post if you click on this link.

Natural Collection Nail Tip Whitener
I also picked up this fresh, white polish to do a monochrome nail look on my tootsie rolls.. toes.. and I'm actually just waiting for them to dry as I'm writing this! I'm not hugely in to nail art, which is why I went for a lower-end product at just £1.89, just to see if I like it. But after using it this evening, I am really surprised at how pigmented the lacquer is, so I'll be sure to let you know how good its staying power is. But I already believe it is great value for money! The Natural Collection Nail Colours are available online here. They have some really pretty pastels in store at the moment.

L'Oréal Perfect Slim Super Liner
I needed a new liquid eye liner and I'm a little fed up of using gel and a teeny tiny brush in the morning before work. Too time consuming! So after reading great reviews about this little lady, I thought I'd give it a go. It's so so easy to use and resembles even more of a felt-tip pen than some others on the market, because of the perfect grip on the cartridge. The applicator tip is really thin at the end which is great for me, as I prefer more of a natural look which just enhances the eyes slightly. However, the 'pen' becomes progressively thicker on the way up, so if you prefer a thicker cat-eye effect, this is easily do-able. In terms of the formula, I bought it in 'intense black' and the pigment is great - really strong. It stays put all day long and I absolutely love it. I actually couldn't find this on the Boots website for some reason, but it's actually cheaper on! Get it with free delivery, here.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Working long hours now, my dark circles have got even worse.. sniff sniff. So to cover them up, I've been using this brilliant liquid concealer. Before applying foundation, I blend this underneath my eyes and on any areas of redness, in the endeavour to create a more even skin tone and alleviate under-eye darkness. I have it in shade no.2 which is 'Light' and it is really effective at transforming areas of my face that I want to hide. With promises of 16 hour staying power, it is also going to give you these great results throughout the day. As you can see from the photo below, it already seems a very worn so you can see that I'm loving this as I only bought it on Monday! Available for just £4.19, here.

Clearasil Deep Cleansing Pads
In the Summer, my skin is always more oily and grimy and after a long day at work, it's difficult to feel really clean and fresh faced even after taking off your make up. But for just £3.79, using these Clearasil pads you really do feel like your pores have had a deep cleanse. The exfoliating action ensures that any dead skin cells have been swept away, preventing pimples and leading to 'Clearer skin everyday'. The disposable pads are an easy cheat in the working week when you are tired in the evenings, refuse to commit to your proper cleansing routine and just want to fall into bed! You can find them online, here

LO'réal Elnett Satin for Dry or Damaged Hair
Onto hair now and another product from the fabulous LO'réal Paris range. Elnett has always been my fave hairspray as you really can get rid of it with the stroke of a brush if need be. This week I've picked up the formula for 'Dry and Damaged Hair' as my locks are in need of a bit of TLC at the moment, due the very hot weather we've been having! So this entered my shopping basket, in the hope that it will give my hair a little bit more nourishment. It's also in mini, so I can carry it around all day! You can get hold of it, here

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Shampoo
If you have blonde, colour treated hair then you NEED a purple shampoo! Purple Shampoos are essential to neutralising artificial blonde colour, thereby preventing that horrible, brassy hue that manifests as the dye becomes older. My hair is highlighted blonde all over, but even if you have just ombre ends, then this will refresh your colour and leave it looking fresh and natural. I usually use Lee Stafford's Pro-Blonde Complex formula, so this is a new purchase for me. But I have really enjoyed using the John Frieda Colour Renew, tone correcting shampoo this week. For £5.89, (online here), my hair is smelling delicious and even from the first use, my highlights appear much brighter. It's also friendly to hair and doesn't contain any ammonia or peroxide. There is 3 for 2 on selected John Frieda products in Boots at the moment, so take the opportunity to stock up girlies!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Light and Blonde
Who doesn't have a can of Batiste.. Anyone? If you haven't, then let me introduce you to your staple dry shampoo, which is going to completely rejuvenate your hair. I've had it in the original 'fresh' formula for a couple of years now, but after borrowing Jade's 'light and blonde' last weekend, it went straight on my shopping list. This is literally amazing, it refreshes tired looking hair, provides texture and volume and now there is NO excuse for horrible roots! This contains a 'hint of colour', which is the perfect touch up for unwanted regrowth. I almost feel like I can wait a little longer until I have to have my roots done! It doesn't look patchy and after you've massaged it through with your fingers, it looks perfectly natural. This is one of my favourite daily staples now- and available from Boots for just £2.99. See here.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray
I'm late on the band wagon with this one, but when I saw it in mini I couldn't resist! I love using different products and methods to provide hair with texture and volume, but I am brand new to salt sprays. Bumble and Bumble 'Surf Spray' is one of the more high-end salt sprays and really does provide you with gorgeous, beachy hair. Just spray and scrunch. On days where your hair isn't so freshly washed, this is a perfect product to use in the tresses of a high pony, or even just in the ends of loose hair. The packaging is gorgeous, the formula is gorgeous and with it, comes super results. I cannot stop using it and will definitely be repurchasing in 'big'. A must have for the summer - get yours online, here.

What have been your recent drugstore purchases?



  1. Congratulations on the page views :)
    I got given the mini Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray for my birthday recently and love it! The shampoo is also amazing.
    I'm a big fan of that concealer too!

    Hannah x

    1. Thank you Hannah :) I was always so reluctant to buy it as it seemed so pricey for some seawater in a bottle?! But I'm loving it as well!! Xx


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