Sunday, July 21, 2013

By Terry 'Terrybly' Mascara Review

I've been waiting to purchase this revolutionary mascara for SO long and finally succumbed last week when my Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme finished up. By Terry is a French brand which is only available to buy in Space NK stores over here in the UK. Terry De Gunzburg herself, is the wonder woman responsible for creating the YSL Touche Éclat that we all know and love, and who then went on to found By Terry and a host of gorgeous products. The 'Terrybly' Mascara was big in the blogging world a couple of years ago now, however having only ever read good things, it has always been one that I've wanted to try...

At an eye-watering £31, this is very much a high-end product, with which you expect high-end results. The 'Terrybly' formula was said to mark a new generation of growth boosting mascaras, with it's top selling point being the intense growth serum that it features. The Lumicoat Care Technology, is said to make lashes stronger, longer, and give an overall silkier finish by nurturing each individual lash from base to tip...
A quick eyeball over the ingredients shows collagen to be on the list, which suggests that the formulation could indeed strengthen and aid lash regeneration. Alongside these claims, comes promises of a fabulous mascara also, as the wand endeavours to separate and lengthen clashes whilst avoiding clumping.

I have to say that I felt almost a little let down the first time I used this - but actually I think I had just got my hopes up a bit too much on first use because after using this everyday for a week, I now really appreciate the price of this product. The brush is lovely; it reminds me a little of the DiorShow wand but would be a great alternative to this for those with slightly smaller eyes, as it allows you to coat each lash carefully. The formula is super pigmented, gorgeously glossy and it so lightweight! As a mascara alone, it really opens the eyes for a stunning wide-awake look by separating and enhancing the natural lashes. I did mention that I've only been using this for about a week, but already I can see a positive difference in the overall quality of my lashes. They feel much more conditioned and completely reinvigorated, to a surprising extent! It also smells absolutely delicious, of vanilla extract, which I only noticed the other day. I think it has actually superseded my expectations and this is in fact the best mascara I've ever tried and tested. It's a joy to use.

By Terry 'Terrybly' Mascara in 'Black Parti-Pris', available from Space NK for £31.

If you do struggle with fragile lashes and are looking for a growth boosting mascara, then I would highly recommend the By Terry intensive serum. A nourishing formula and mascara all in one, this is going to take care of your lashes and also make them look show-stopping day to night! It is a little pricey, however I always like to spend a little more on a product which is used within and around the delicate eye area. J'adore!

What mascara are you loving at the moment?




  1. I've never tried anything from them before! Pretty pricey for a mascara, but it does sound good.

    Hannah x

    1. I also want to try their concealer pen Hannah I think that's had a lot of hype and is really great at illuminating dark circles. It is a pricey range but it is working really well for me! Xxx


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