Saturday, July 20, 2013

Golden Oldies

This is the second post within my 'Colour Themed Favourites' series and this time I'm moving from Purple to Gold! I find that any product which is glamourous and golden is a favourite on my dressing table and I've really enjoyed doing a quick review of these beauties. So without further ado...

Batiste Dry Shampoo Light & Blonde
I recently reviewed this in a Boots Haul so I won't say too much, other than if you don't own a can of Batiste, then let me introduce you to your staple dry shampoo. This is literally amazing, it refreshes tired looking hair, provides texture and volume and now there is NO excuse for horrible roots! The formula contains a 'hint of colour' which is the perfect touch up for unwanted regrowth. It doesn't look patchy...
and after you've massaged it through with your fingers, it looks perfectly natural. I almost feel like I can wait a little longer until I have to have my roots done! This is one of my favourite daily staples now- and available from Boots for just £2.99. See here.

This is my go-to hair spray which has been in a few of my posts now. I love that it disappears in the stroke of a brush so I'm never left waking up with a matted mess on top of my head in the morning! At the moment, I'm using the 'Dry or Damaged' formula, to try and give my hair a little more nourishment in this scorching weather! I also like to buy them in mini so I can carry them in my handbag. Get yours, here.

Estée Lauder Eyeshadow Palette
I have a few golden favourites from Estée Lauder, however this is perhaps my favourite this Summer. The Five Colour Eye Shadow Palettes are oh-so-gorgeous and in my opinion, this one in particular. If you want to see how I use this palette, head over to my review post which will suggest some lovely ways to use it!

Estée Lauder Powder Brush
I actually got this in one Estée Lauder's Xmas Sets (which are amazing Christmas presents for beauty lovers) and this was just one of the brushes included. I use it as a powder brush, to set my eye make up and concealer with translucent loose powder, as it is the perfect size for this. It isn't to the same standard as their brushes which you can pick up singularly, however its a beautiful gold and I use it day to day. 

Saaf Ultimate Moisture Face Serum
This is a T K Maxx purchase and I've never actually heard of the brand 'Saaf' before now. However, a quick eyeball at the ingredients, which include nourishing Rosehip Oil and Vit E, told me that this 'serum' would (hopefully) replenish lost moisture to my skin. The lovely formula, which has an absolutely gorgeous subtle floral scent and is completely organic, also contains Ylang Ylang, an ingredient that has super skin balancing properties. This is perfect for me at the moment, as I am working long hours in London and my skin is tired from commuting and office air con! It has a pump applicator as most serums tend to, however the consistency is definitely more oil-like. I apply it in the evenings as I do find it a tad greasy and it takes a while to sink into the skin. However when I wake up my face is baby soft and feels so hydrated! I would really recommend keeping an eye out for this lovely skincare brand if you pop into T K, as I only paid a couple of pounds for this. It's RRP is actually £29.99 which puts me off repurchasing somewhat, but I think it is a lovely high-end face oil and you get a lot of use from the 30ml bottle. See it online, here.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
I wasn't sure whether to include this in my 'Golden Oldies' colour scheme, but the colours are so beautiful for creating that goldy, sunkissed eye look and it is one of my go-to eye palettes. I use the matte 'Foxy' all over my lid, then blend 'Naked 2' through my crease and outer corner of the eye. Finally, I sweep gold shimmer over the look and highlight using 'Venus' on my brown bone and inner corners. The PERFECT Summery holiday makeup look, or even for a Christmas Party with red lip lacquer! This palette is perfect to take away on holiday and is considerably cheaper than Naked 1 and 2. You can pick this up for £20 on BeautyBay

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch
I couldn't resist adding in my gorgeous watch into a gold themed post! This is a popular style from Michael Kors and adds instant glamour to any outfit. I am never without it. Have a look online, here.

What are your golden faves?




  1. I looovee gold! Most my items are gold, I even have the same Micheal Kors watch! Great post.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Thanks Belle! I love the watch I feel like I've lost a limb if I forget to put it on in the morning! xxx

  2. So many pretty things!! I'm loving this color series!
    Kallie But First, Coffee or But First, Coffee on Bloglovin

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  4. I really enjoyed this post! I have never tried dry shampoo as I have always been worried it would make my blonde hair look dull. But, after reading your review I think I am tempted to try it out - so thanks :-)

    Emily x

    P.S now following you on bloglovin

    1. Thanks Emily! I love dry shampoo, I thought this might add quite a dull tone to my roots but with the colour containing formula is actually super!

      Just left you a comment on your lovely blog. Love the hair xxx

  5. I love my Naked palette so have been meaning to try the basics one!
    The watch is so gorgeous.

    Hannah x

    1. It's really good even if you just want some neutral colours to travel with or have in your handbag Hannah, the pallete is just the right size and I looove the matte colours xxx


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