Monday, July 22, 2013

Obviously Orange

Time for the third post within my 'Colour Themed Favourites' series and today it's all about orange. Hopefully this will brighten up Monday morning for some of us! All of these products are go-to guys which I use on more or less a daily basis and I can't really imagine my beauty draws without them!

Miss Dior Eau Du Parfum
To begin with my ultimate favourite orange product, which has pride of place on my dressing table, is the Miss Dior Eau Du Parfum by Dior. This is my favourite perfume ever and I love wearing it all year round. Dior actually discontinued Miss Dior Cherie last year so I was umm-ing and aaah-ing over whether to repurchase it, but I actually think the notes of this are even more charming. This scent brings back so many wonderful memories for me. Find it online, here...

Salon Chic Moroccan Argan Oil
This little beauty I actually found in BodyCare up in Durham for £1.99 and it's lasting me absolutely ages. For a 'cheap as chips' hair oil which contains the infamous Pure Moroccan Oil, this is an amazing alternative if, like me, you haven't yet quite coaxed yourself into splurging on the high-end version! It tames, conditions and silk-ifys and is also the perfect sized bottle to take away with you on holiday. You can see my full review, here.

Perhaps one of the most famous orange products on the beauty market, Bio-Oil has won so many awards for its effectiveness on scarring and uneven skin tone. I use this on a daily basis and it is also really good at combatting dry skin, so it has been great in getting my pins ready for Summer! 

Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivid Lipstick in 'Electric Orange'
I actually featured this in one of my first ever posts on How To: Wear Orange Lipstick, where you can find a swatch of this gorgeous colour (912) and three other lovely ones which can be found on the high street. Orange is a colour which is so fun and flattering to wear on the lips if you love a bit of colour. This one in particular is actually a favourite of mine. I hate using anything on my lips that is going to dry them out, so this is great as it feels really nourishing, hydrating and doesn't tend to look frosty or cling to dry skin. The colour is lovely and pigmented and has a healthy sheen to it without being overly shiny. Find it online, here.

Re-Gen Cream
This is a wonder cream and a favourite among beauty bloggers. You can see a full review here, but in short, this cream has the benefits of bio-oil but in a gorgeous, light cream. If you suffer with scarring and imperfections left by nasty pimples, then this is for you.

Dior Matte Sunshine Bronzing Powder
Can I include a bronzer under an orange heading? Maybe this is my UNorange product of the tangerine bunch! I absolutely love Dior make up and their DiorSkin Nude Foundation in particular. This is a high end bronzer so it is quite pricey but does give an amazing finish on the skin, making it one of my favourites. It isn't orange at all, but looks really natural and I find it great to use as a contouring bronzer, as well as an all-over sunkissed look. It is a fairly older one form Dior's collection so you'll have to hunt around a bit for it, but you have a little gander at it on Amazon, here.

Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes
I couldn't not include my favourite collection from Real Techniques and I won't say too much about these as I've done a full review on their Core Collection which you can find here. These are so affordable and give incredible results, so much so that I've used them every day since I purchased them!

What tip-top orange products are in your collection?




  1. I’ve wanted to try Re-Gen cream for ages after reading about it on other blogs. It sounds brilliant. I’m just have to give in and get it aren’t I? Haha. Love the blog xxx

    1. Haha you're going to have to buy it Laura! It is a lovely product and such good value for money. Thank you!! Xxx

  2. Lovely blog. I have nominated your blog for the Liebstar Award. If you head on over to my blog at there is more info about it and ways to participate if you are intrested?

    Thanks x

    1. Awh thank you for the nomination Rebekah! I've actually already completed the the Liebster Award, but I love your questions so am tempted to do another! I'll let you know when it's up xxx

  3. I love this series!
    The Maybelline lipstick looks amazing.
    I have those brushes and love them too :)

    Hannah x

    1. Thanks Hannah! The lipstick is so lovely I've been wearing it a lot over summer. Great with a monochrome outfit to add some colour!! Xxx


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