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UK/US Beauty Swap With Your Beauty Fix!

I cannot believe that it was just over one month ago, that myself and Kristen first started talking. It feels like we've been close friends for years! Kristen writes an amazing blog over at Your Beauty Fix, which you must go and read if you don't already follow her. She's a completely gorgeous girl and I feel incredibly lucky to have made such a wonderful friend over the course of just a few weeks. Our little love story started on Instagram, when she commented on a photo of mine 'wishing' that they sold BarryM nail polish over in the US and that's when we had the brilliant idea of doing a beauty swap...

When Kristen's package arrived here, I couldn't contain my excitement and was SO overwhelmed by how generous she had been. One thing that we quickly realised, was that we have so many things in common... We're both Libra! But we also discovered we have very similar taste when it comes to beauty. So, here are the absolutely amazing goodies that she sent over to me last week and seriously Kristen, thank you so so much for everything...

Ok so first up are lips and Kristen picked out some really gorgeous colours for me, as well as sending me over some of her own personal favourites, which I was really excited to try. I was dying to get hold of some NYX lip products and had heard only good things about Wet N Wild, so both the lipsticks and lipglosses that Kristen sent, went on almost instantly. I think I must have worn about four different colours on my lips on Tuesday!

Right: NYX Tea Rose | Left: Wet N Wild Fergie Daily 
Left: NYX Sweet Heart | Right: Mary Kay Pink Parfait
The lipsticks are both really creamy and I was SO surprised at how amazing NYX are with their colour pay-off. Both colours are absolutely gorgeous - Tea Rose is a really rich, rosey nude whereas Fergie Daily is much more of a beige-nude. The glosses are fabulous too. NYX Sweet Heart is one of Kristen's favourites and now one of mine as well! It's a beautiful colour to wear alone, or over a lipstick to add some shine. I'd never heard of Mary Kay, however Pink Parfait is such a pretty pinky nude and I find this super moisturising on the lips without being too sticky. Ok, so now onto BLUSH!! Kristen picked out two for me which was so sweet of her...

Top: Elf HD Blush in Superstar | Bottom: NYX Silky Rose
Firstly, I have to talk about NYX Silky Rose. This was a recommendation from Kristen and I'm so glad she suggested this because I've worn it every day without fail. The pigmentation is fantastic and I think the colour is just absolutely beautiful. It's a deep pink, verging on a plum shade, so perfect for the next few months as we go into Autumn. I was also so excited to try this Elf HD Blush and was enthralled when I opened it up and found it dispensed in a pump - I was expecting a stick blush from the look of the packaging! It's SO creamy, super easy to blend and as you can see, Superstar is this gorgeous intense coral shade. I also asked Kristen if she could pick me up a Cover Girl Mascara. Cover Girl's twin, Max Factor, produce some of my all time favourites, but they're just so pricey over here and having seen endless reviews on the Clump Crusher, I wanted to try it's famed formulation out for myself! 

The Clump Crusher claims to increase length by up to 200% and as you can see from the photo above, it has, without a doubt, extended the length of my lashes - and NO clumps in sight!! The wand is the perfect size and the curved shape makes really very easy to get on with. I love it. So finally, last but by no means least, is this lovely blush cleanser from ELF... 

I'd been after the Cinema Secrets Brush Cleanser, which is only sold in the US, but it seems to be very elusive and difficult to track down! So Kristen so thoughtfully popped this into my package and it's really great. I did a full and long overdue brush cleaning session this morning and it did the trick perfectly. It shampoos really well and also conditions your brushes too, so now they are feeling super soft. Thank you Kristen for your efforts in trying to find the Cinema Secrets Brush Cleanser that I was after!

I just want to say thank you so much Kristen, I am so lucky to have made such a wonderful friend. I put it down to fate - we have so much in common, so many of the same interests and one day I know we will be able to do our beauty shopping together and give you the HUGE hug that I want to for all my beautiful presents xxx

If you're interested to see what I sent over to Kristen in New York, read her post here!



  1. Hi Emely thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, it really made my day.

    Ooh and I really love the Nyx lipglosses...I'm really obsessed with nude colours and those look so good.

    Oh and I'm following back xoxo take care

    1. You're welcome Nancy, look forward to your future posts!! xxx

  2. AMAZING photos girly! Glad you and Kristen and you had a fun swap. The swap I did with Daphne was the best thing EVER! I also LOVE NYX glosses AND their blushes. Also, in a totally uncreepy way, you have perfect lips haha, There isn't a non-creepy way to say that. I tried! hahaha
    Great swap!! <3
    Kallie @ But First Coffee

    1. Thank you Kallie!! Oooo I haven't seen yours and Daphne's swap yet I'm going to come and have a look!! Haha I'll take it as a compliment in a non-kreepy way.. Hehe xxx

  3. Emily!! I'm so happy you enjoyed everything! It all looks so beautiful on you :)

    Pinky promise next swap I will be ordering your Cinema Secrets brush cleanser online. I am kind of curious to try it too!

    1. Thank you so much Kristen!! I am so grateful and cannot wait until the next one!! Missing emailing you everyday already :( xxxx

  4. nice goodies..I have used that nyx lipgloss's really creamy and nice .. thanks for the share

  5. I love doing swaps, you got some fab thing!

    New follower


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