Saturday, August 03, 2013

Pamper Your Hands With L'OCCITANE

I think it's important to look after your hands throughout the whole year, not just in the winter when they are slightly more prone to becoming dry or chapped. So, let me introduce you to my pampering routine as of late, with two more gorgeous products from the lovely L'OCCITANE. 

So my 'mini-regime' if you like, features an oil-based hand scrub, followed by an absolutely divine hand cream that together, give me soft and replenished paws in less than two minutes. First up, is the hand scrub which is an absolutely gorgeous in itself. L'OCCITANE claim that this scrub is specially made up to reveal 'incredibly soft hands in 1 minute' with a 'bi-phase' formula...

To begin with, brown sugar exfoliates, getting rid of and eliminating any dead skin cells. I really love this stage as the scrub feels really gentle and cleansing. The second, oily phase endeavours to deeply nourish and hydrate the hands using shea butter, grapeseed and sweet almond. This really, really works and each time I use it, I'm always amazed at how replenished and baby-soft my skin feels! The One Minute Scrub is such a pamper product, but at the same time is so easy to get on with. The little spatula that's included, ensures limited and mess-free application of a concentrated formula, that gives incredible 'fix' results in just 60 seconds.

Now L'OCCITANE are just a little bit famous for their stunning selection of hand creams. My personal favourite is the formula from the 'Lavende' range, which just smells HEAVENLY! If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you'll know that I love me a bit of lavender. There is actually another hand cream that goes with the scrub as part of a duo, but I just couldn't leave the shop without this one as it just leaves the hands lightly scented with the most beautiful of ALL essential oils!! All of the hand creams throughout L'OOCCITANE are so light and formulated to be non-greasy, quick absorbing and SUPER hydrating. This hand cream is the perfect finale to my hand-pampering routine and my skin is left feeling soft, supple and luxurious.

L'OCCITANE One Minute Hand Scrub £13 | Available here

L'OCCITANE Lavender Hand Cream £8-£14 | Available here

I don't know if you've already noticed, but I am loving L'OCCITANE at the moment! If you're interested in more of their products, have a read of my skincare review below:

How do you look after your hands throughout the year?




  1. These look amazing! I love L'Occitane - especially the shea shower gel xxx

    1. They are really gorgeous products!! I've not tried the shea shower gel, I'm a massive fan of the Almond one have you tried it? xxx

  2. I've never tried a hand scrub before!
    I love L'Occitane so really want to try these. I agree with looking after hands all year round as well!

    Hannah x

    1. They're so much fun Hannah and really work magic on your hands!! Let me know if you try any out, there are some cheaper ones out there too which I'd like to try out and see how they compare, as this is definitely more of a high end scrub! xxx

  3. I have tried their hand cream which is blessing for hands :p that scrub looks delicious...Love the review ,I guess you make me buy one...
    Have a nice weekend!!

    1. They're gorgeous aren't they!! Hope you have a good weekend too :) xxx

  4. Hi there, all looks so lovely!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog, Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, love to :) I'll come over and say hello xxx


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