Sunday, October 27, 2013

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

I have something of a love/hate relationship with liquid liner. I love wearing it, but applying it can get me a little worked up.. especially when I'm in a rush Never ask a girl wearing winged eye liner why she is late! However, with this month's Glamour magazine came something of a saviour and I'm back on good terms.

The Skinny Liquid Eyeliner is my first touch on the brand Eyeko and I can certainly say that they've made a good first impression. I've actually found myself reaching for this as a preference over my much loved L'Oreal Perfect Slim - which is really saying something! The 'felt-tip' style applicator, similar to L'Oreal's infamous product, makes this guy very versatile and super easy to apply. Not only this, it comes in an impressive five different colours...

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner £14 | Available here 

As you can see from the swatches above, the actual shape of the pointed 'felt-tip' applicator makes it a really versatile little tool, that can be used to accentuate the eye by drawing thin or thick liner. Personally, I always use the very tip of the pen nearest the inner corners of my eye and then tilt the brush progressively sideways towards the outer edge, to create a thicker line. Then, the pointed tip allows you to create a perfect winged 'flick' which is both seamless and flowing. The formulation itself gives a really silky finish and is SO pigmented. As well as this, it stays put all day long - I am so impressed with the longevity of this product and would actually go as far as saying that this stays better on my eyes than L'Oreal's Perfect Slim. I'm completely won over and can see this becoming a real staple in my make up bag. 

What's your favourite liquid liner?

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  1. I keep reading so many great things about, Eyeko I'm tempted to give it a try! You've applied it so well!


    1. Thanks Rachael!! This is the first of their products I've had a go with and I love it! Xxx

  2. great review! thanks for the recommendation, haven't tried their e/l yet, but i loved their shimmer face cream/highlighter.


    1. Oh that sounds lovely Visa! I'm going to have a little look over on their website xxx


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