Monday, March 10, 2014

The Panasonic Hairdryer With 'Nanoe' Technology

This rather attractive looking 'spaceship', or should I say hairdryer, actually found itself on my Christmas list, however I decided to give myself a couple of months with it before giving it an honest review, as it is quite an expensive piece of kit. However, stay tuned because this everyday electrical is 100% worth the pennies, especially if you have coloured or treated hair that is in need of all the TLC it can get. Where your standard hairdryer will strip your hair of vital nourishment, the Panasonic EH-NA65-K895 blow-dryer with 'Nanoe' Technology actually puts moisture back into the hair and scalp. The result? Your healthiest hair yet...

The fact that this won Cosmopolitan Magazine's 'Reader Recommended' alone, really sings the praises of this clever little styler and indeed, this is a hairdryer will effectively meet your everyday requirements, but also give you so much more. It's certainly one of those luxury, at-home electricals which will make your hair feel as though you've just come out of the salon: bouncy, silky smooth and most importantly, at it's healthiest.

So, what does 'NANOE TECHNOLOGY' mean? The hairdryer produces very tiny, nano-sized electrostatic atomised water particles, which hold a whopping 1,000x more moisture than standard negative ions. Without the complicated chemistry, that means that moisture is actually added to your hair whilst you dry it, resulting in shiny, silky hair - free from the heat stress and dryness of your standard blow dryer and other styling tools. This is why I have given myself a few months to review it, as it is quite difficult to measure how it actually 'locks-in' moisture. That said, even after the very first use, my hair was shiny, frizz-free and felt unbelievably nourished. Promised with continued use, is a healthy scalp and second-day hair supposedly feels less dry and 'straw-like'. Indeed, my locks definitely feel more manageable and any previous heat damage actually seems to have given way to healthy, stronger strands. Also, I just want to say that since using this dryer, I haven't had to straighten misbehaving areas of hair before I leave the house, which I always had to do with my previous one! In this sense, it has literally revolutionised getting ready in the morning - once my hair is dry (which doesn't take very long at all with this clever little machine) I'm out the door in minutes.

The dryer comes with three-setting temperature and speed adjustments and also comes with a variety of three inter-changeable nozzles: a condenser, a diffuser and a quick-dry nozzle, for fast drying. The latter add on is the one which can be seen in the pictures above, and also the one which I tend to use most often. The lead is super long and it also has a 'cool shot' button - which unlike some dryers, actually produces cold air! Therefore, it meets the everyday specification of a hairdryer, but the innovative 'nanoe' technology certainly sets it more than just a cut above what is already on the electrical market.

It does come quite pricey, however since I got this on Christmas Day, every single day has been a good hair day. I cannot recommend it enough.

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  1. Wow, this hair dryer sounds so interesting! I definitely need something like this because I'm just destroying my hair with the one I use now. Not sure how much money I would be willing to spend on a hair dryer but if you say it's good then I might have to consider it!

    Hannah x

    1. It's definitely a long-term investment Hannah, as far as hair dryers go! But I think it's fantastic - definitely worth the pennies x

  2. Such a clever bit of kit. I hate using heat on my hair, it's so damaging!
    This would be great. Might have to go on my next bday/Christmas list haha.

    Rachael from xx

    1. Haha let me know if you do get your hands on one Rachael - it's honestly fantastic x


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