Sunday, April 20, 2014

How To: The Milkmaid Braid

[Instagram: @emilyjbenton] The Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray has recently been recognised in the beauty world as something of a high street dupe for the highly acclaimed, although incredibly expensive, Oribe Dry Texturising Spray. At a whopping £19 for a mere 75ml, this product surely makes it onto more wish lists than into shopping carts. So, with the Charles Worthington Salon At Home 'dupe' priced much more wallet-friendly (£6.99), I gave it a go. The verdict? This is, hands down, an absolute styling miracle and I cannot sing its praises enough. In seconds, it will instantly inject incredible volume and new life into my hair...

Charles Worthington Salon At Home Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray
Other than a little bit of a mouthful(!) this pretty pink bottle does exactly what it says on the can. You spray the smallest amount onto dry hair, where you want to create some -oomph- and give the area a ruffle with your finger tips. Just like the Oribe Spray, you're left with just the right amount of volume that your hair actually feels bouncy. However, what's even better, is that the Charles Worthington formula contains some hairspray, giving you some good ol' hold. From reading reviews, it seems that some find the longevity of the Oribe Spray to be somewhat disappointing. So, is the cheaper version better?!

Ultimately, it provides INSTANT height, body, volume and texture, which makes the hair much more manageable when it comes to styling. This means goodbye back-combing and the damage it creates. Therefore, it is the ideal product to use with up-do styling and in particular, braiding. Recently, I've been wearing my hair in a Milkmaid Braid (or a version of the halo braid, as some identify it) and the Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray has completely transformed it into a stunning style which is both durable and easy to create, whether it be for everyday or occasion. And what's more, it looks like you've spent a long time on your hair... when in fact, it takes minutes!

To create the Milkmaid braid, first of all I spray the Charles Worthington Volume Bounce Texturising Spray into my roots and within the mid-lengths of my hair. You'll find that it doesn't take much product to create the texture you need for the hair to grip once it's in the braid. Then, all you will need are some small hair ties (I use the transparent elastic ties from Claire's Accessories) and also, some hair grips:

1. Centre-part your hair, leaving out any fringe pieces if you choose to and braid both sections starting at the bottom of your ear. This allows for some scope and you could be a little creative with a fishtail plait, or leaving half of your hair out of the braid, for a 'half-up'/'half-down' look (-my sister prefers this!)

2. Finish each braid with the clear elastics, or hair ties that are similar to your own hair colour, in order to create a seamless finish to the overall look.

3. Pull one braid over the top of your head into a headband and secure it in line with your opposite ear. It doesn't matter if it doesn't quite reach all the way over, as the other plait will cover this up.

4. Do the same with the remaining braid, pulling it over the top of your head and crossing it over the plait that you've already fastened in place. Secure with hair grips/bobby pins - as neatly as possible!

5. When the braids are secure, if the elastics are showing, then you have the option to slide them off and add a few more bobby pins if you need to. Then, I tease the hair at my crown just to give a little more height to the look, and also tease the braids to give a more casual, tousled effect.

6. Finally, spray with a little more Volume Bounce Texturising Spray or alternatively, your fave hairspray. Finito!

Let me know what you think of this look and if you do choose to recreate the Milkmaid Braid yourself, please do tag me on instagram @emilyjbenton!

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  1. So pretty, doesn't the spray smell amazing! I will definitely be giving this a go, though it probably won't look as good as yours :)
    xxx Claire

    1. It's such a lovely smell Claire! I think I always spray a little bit too much because I like the fragrance so much... haha! Thank you lovely, send me a pic would love to see! xx

  2. I love milkmaid braids, I keep meaning to try it but have no hair grips! It looks so nice on you, and that spray sounds amazing!:)x

    1. It's fab Libby! Can't recommend it enough :) Definitely give it a go when you've got some grips handy :) x

  3. Aw this look that you have created looks amazing! Really suits you :)
    Becka | This Is My World

  4. Hiya!
    I found your blog through you commenting on one of my posts, you have a lovely blog! This spray sounds so good, might have to give it a try x

    1. Thank you Bex! It's amazing, definitely one of the best inexpensive styling products I've used x


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