Thursday, September 04, 2014

Latergram: My Summer In Pictures

That beautiful time where sunny days seem to somehow magically role into one another is finally coming to a close, so I thought I would write up a brief résumé of what has been going on over the past few months. If you already follow me on Instagram, you may already have recognised that I haven't spent an ostensible amount of time at home over the summer and instead, have been doing my own little escapade of globe trotting. This year has had, and still holds, some big birthdays for my immediate family and so we decided to celebrate by making some kick-ass memories together in St Lucia. Note to self: encourage family decisions like this more often...

As a family, we've been lucky enough to travel to all sorts of places, but have never enjoyed quite so much luxury as we did in St. Lucia. The BodyHoliday, LeSport, is nestled into the North-West Side of the Caribbean Island and can only simply be described, as paradise. My days consisted of spinning, yoga, buffet breakfasts with all the smoked salmon over the rainbow, spa treatments, awesome scuba diving, sun, sea and an abundance of pina coladas. By day two, I was hooked. I wanted to stay here forever. I was living in a bikini and I had never eaten so much good food.

Whilst we were away, my sister and I did our Advanced Open Water Diving Qualification with an incredible scuba-pro named Daniel. We also put ourselves completely out of our comfort zones and went on a night dive in the pitch black, which is something I swore I could never do out of sheer terror, but returned to the surface spluttering with excitement, wanting to do it again. Without doubt, it was one of the most thrilling and inspiring experiences of my life. We also had other-worldly treatments at the Wellness Centre each day, where the staff were absolutely impeccable, as they were all over the hotel. You could talk to the guy launching your Catamaran like he was your best friend and Alfred in the Piano Bar like you'd known him all your life. Kudos to all of them. Never have I been so absolutely impressed with a somewhere that I have got off the inbound flight and sat down to write a Tip Advisor review. I vow to go back there someday.

Arriving back in England with a family endemic of the holiday blues, my cousin quickly proposed a very spontaneous 10 day trip around Europe. After getting past the laughter I was met with when I asked Kristina if she was taking a travel hair-dryer, I waved goodbye to my treasure chest of pamper products and at some godforsaken hour, boarded a plane to Berlin, armed only with cans of dry shampoo, a tinted moisturiser and one lonely mascara. We had the most incredible ten days trotting around the continent, starting in Germany and travelling on to Vienna, Venice, Florence and finally flying home from gorgeous Milan, which completely aroused the fashion-fiend inside of me. Each city that we went to had such a different vibe; the edgy Berlin lifestyle was a complete contrast to the postcard-perfect and romantic feel that surrounded Venice, for example. We sight-saw until we were blue in the face and ate enough gelato to feed a small family of trolls, but enjoyed every moment. Plus, I feel like the cultured part of my brain is now enormous.

Finally, as I write this I am now sitting in Cornwall - on a sun lounger, cuddled up with a big fluffy rug, quite reluctant to admit that it is now in fact September, and I need more on then my high waisted denim shorts, a sun top and some socks. Coming down here at least once a year since I was tiny, has always made this feel like my home from home and never fails to provide me with my own little pocket of escapism. Next week brings with it big things and after what has been a non-stop couple of months, it has been lovely to have a few days down here, chowing down on fresh fish and pasties, and being next to the beautiful Cornish coast line that I love.



  1. St Lucia looks incredibly! I've been loving keeping up to date on your summer via Insta. I too go to Cornwall at least once a year and have done since I was born. And you're right, it's definitely the perfect little escapism away from everything else. Glad you had a lovely summer x

    1. Awh thank you so much Nicole. Whereabouts in Cornwall do you visit lovely? x


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