Monday, September 01, 2014

Little Miracles

Ever since the New Year hit, I've been much more concerned with 'going organic'. With a higher level of antioxidants, fewer pesticide residues and an overall less detrimental impact on our environment than the farming effects of some conventional foods, surely it's a no brainer. However, it is undoubtably a slightly more expensive lifestyle and indeed, one product under the organic umbrella that a student budget doesn't quite stretch to, is the soft drink. Then, last week I received an email from from the lovely 'Little Miracles' who undoubtably seem to have filled that so desired niche for an inexpensive, organic and delicious beverage...

Already recognised for their part in organic hydration, Little Miracles are now available in Wholefoods, Holland & Barrett, Selfridges, Harrods as well as all major supermarket retailers, for a very reasonable RRP of £1.59. Not only this, but their stunning 2014 collection of vibrantly flavourful drinks, which come in at less than 90 calories a bottle and are made with such a high quality array of ingredients, make them an incredibly attractive choice for the health-concerned foodie.

A variety of different pure, organic tea forms the basis of each drink to provide natural energy, which is combined with complementary and authentic fruits, in the endeavour to deliver a revitalising, energy-lifting drink. Moreover, the drinks are sweetened with Agave, which has evolved this year as the new trendy, all-natural sugar-alternative. Little Miracles also utilise the health functions of super foods Panax Ginseng and Acai berries, the latter of which is recognised as one of the highest antioxidant-containing foods in the world. Ultimately, these drinks are an incredibly tasty and completely natural alternative to many of the artificial, sugary soft drinks available to us on the high street.

So, the next time you're reaching for that ever-so-inviting Diet Coke for a quick pick-me-up, think of Little Miracles instead, for an all-natural, healthy, energising lift. I know I will!

*Little Miracles website accessible here.



  1. I'm definitely going to have to try these out! Never come across them before! x


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