Thursday, December 18, 2014

Manuka Protein Pancakes

It is universally acknowledged that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and these guilt-free pancakes really are worth waking up for. Served with oodles of fruit and packed with protein, these babies are the perfect healthy start in the morning, or even as a post-work out pick me up. The rolled oats are also going to provide enough fibre to get you that 'fuller for longer' feeling, so you shouldn't be hankering after a croissant by the time you sit down at your desk. But undoubtably what is most important, they are just d e l i c i o u s...

As a little disclaimer, this is not a recipe I have chosen from a cookery book or found online, but something I have put together myself. After positive appraisal from friends and family, it's something I would like to share, so I hope it is something that you might like to try, or that the recipe inspires what you choose to have for breakfast in the morning! A few things to note. The recipe doesn't contain any artificial sugars; the pancakes are sweetened with banana, as well as the natural goodness of manuka honey. Vanilla whey, as well as egg whites and cottage cheese, make this a protein-rich meal that is ideal as a post-workout option. During a tough session at the gym, the tiny fibres in your muscles become damaged and protein plays a major part in helping to rebuild these fibres. So, I think that this recipe ticks a lot of boxes; it's low in sugar, really high in protein and contains healthy fats. I really enjoy it.

You will need:

-50g Rolled Oats
-1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (approx 25g)
-3 Egg Whites 
-70g Natural Cottage Cheese
-1/2 Banana
-1 tsp Manuka Honey 12+
-1/2 tbsp Organic Coconut Oil
(Makes approx 6)

  1. Separate the eggs and measure all of the ingredients into a bowl or measuring jug.
  2. Next, simply blend everything together using a hand-held blender, until you end up with a smooth batter.
  3. Heat 1/2 tbsp of coconut oil in a non-stick frying pan, on a medium heat. Recently, coconut oil is the only fat I have been cooking in as it is so stable at high temperatures. There is also evidence that it actually increases energy expenditure and it tastes bloomin' delicious. (It's also fantastic as a makeup remover/moisturiser gals.)
  4. Pour out as many pancakes as you're in the mood for - I find that three is the perfect amount. I then put the other half of the mixture in the fridge and use it the following day. This means breakfast the next morning is SUPER quick!
  5. Turn the pancakes when you start to see small air bubbles appear on the upturned surface. They should be lovely and golden brown on the opposite side.
  6. Let them cook through for a minute or two and then remove from the heat.
  7. Plate up with your preferred choice of topping. I usually use the other half of the banana and go for whatever other fruit I have in the fridge. Chia seeds and greek yoghurt are also tasty additions! Enjoy!


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