Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rude Health

A couple of weeks ago, I placed an order online with a London-based food and drink company called Rude Health. I'd heard all good things on the grape vine about their delicious almond milk and, as someone who has taken preference to milk alternatives for a while now, I figured I had to try some. When I went onto the website I was so surprised at how affordable everything was, considering all of their products contain all clean ingredients: nothing artificial or refined. So, it was an easy decision to try more than just their almond milk...

I filled up my shopping basket with their Super Fruity Muesli, Honey Multiflakes, Mini Corn Thins and the Rye 'Oaty'. Where do I start.

Muesli. Something your Mum would always eat for breakfast when you were younger. My Mum always piled hers high with linseed and it looked awful. Rude Health Muesli, however, is totally different kettle of fish. This stuff is amazing, I have a small bowl most mornings now, which I bulk out with the Honey Multiflakes for an added crunch, plus a handful of fruit. And of course, immerse it all in the most delicious almond milk I've ever tasted. The combination of whole grain corn, spelt, oats, barley and fruit, creates an awesome source of slow-releasing energy, perfect for starting the day and cutting those dreaded mid-morning cravings. If I do get cravings, which some days is inevitable, I now reach for a bag of 'Mini Corn Thins' which are simply made from corn and a small amount of salt. Debatably, the most more-ish thing I now have in the cupboard, but they really do fill you up - especially when dipped them in almond butter, which makes for a fab post-workout snack. Then in terms of lunch, I'm opting for my favourite winter soups, with the Rye 'Oaty' on the side. These are great to use as a substitute to bread - just as satisfying, but completely wheat-free.

Rude Health say that 'When you've got food this good inside of you, you'll be up for anything.' So true. Since I've introduced these colourful cardboard boxes into the kitchen, I've had such an increase in energy throughout the day. They've curbed my cravings and I still feel like I'm enjoying good food, guilt free. The company has just in the past few days, released their brand new range of sprouted flours and oats which I can't wait to try, and I've even put a few more bits and bobs on my Christmas list. I guess that's the foodie in me.


  1. This looks amazing, i'm so ready to change my diet (after Chirstmas haha) xx
    Love Vicki <3

    1. Haha tell me about it, I am trying to enjoy Christmas food whilst it lasts! x

  2. the cookies look so great!

    Great post!

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