Thursday, April 09, 2015

Having A Spring Clean

Hey there, snazzy new blog design. What do you think? So after months now *wince* of a pretty bleak void on Beleza By Ems, tonight I've finally relaunched my website. I hope you will enjoy hovering your cursor over this and that to see which parts of the page do and don't fade in and out. I've gone all slick and responsive on you all. But rather than just plunging straight into my normal content, I feel like I want to sit down and write something a little bit prefatory and also take the opportunity to share some photos I took in Cornwall today. Gorgeous, aren't they?

So since Christmas, I feel like I've gone from 0 to 100mph and I still have a huge amount of ground to cover before I get my hands on a graduation gown. Juggling the final year of my degree alongside Beleza just didn't quite seem possible this term. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my blog and I have really felt I've been lacking a limb without it. But my dissertation has demanded my attention over the past few months. So after a long period of neglect, I've treated my blog to a hella lot of my time this week and we've ended up with this swanky new look. I'm absolutely thrilled with it. Check out the mobile design, cool eh?! I do still have finals to work towards and the perfectionist in me never hits publish on anything I've not put the time into but there will, I hope you'll be pleased to hear, be a few more notifications popping up from me in the coming weeks. I've learnt a lot since I've been away and I'm looking forward to sharing it all.

So thank you for sticking around and I hope you enjoy what is to come, sporadic as it may or may not be for the moment. Bear with.

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