Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Life Tonics

It is a truth universally acknowledged by many of us that we do not drink enough water. And, when we feel thirsty, we are guilty of reaching for the coke, squash, and other sugary drinks that can consequently have negative effects on our health when we have them in excess. However, it is gradually becoming much easier in this day and age to make healthier choices and there are now many more natural options available on the shelves. Life Tonics is a brand new, delicious soft drink and a much healthier choice when it comes to hydrating...

Life Tonics promote natural goodness, with a unique blend of coconut water and naturally occurring fruit extracts. However, the major selling point of the brand is their emphasis on natural rehydration. Coconut water is renowned for its large number of electrolytes and potassium content, making it the ultimate, natural hydrator. As well as this, each isotonic drink contains only 90 calories, has a low GI formulation (slow release carbs for sustainable energy) and is fortified with 5 vitamins, 4 minerals and 2 botanicals, including Ginseng. This makes Life Tonics perfect for on the go hydration, and also pre or post work out. From experience - they're also great for making ice lollies!

When I look at a new soft drink, one of the most important things for me is avoiding products with a high sugar content. The Life Tonics range is great because it doesn't contain any refined sugars or artificial sweeteners. Instead, the sugars in the drinks are derived from natural fruit extracts and Stevia, a natural sweetener. Other healthy options on the shelves include Little Miracles, an organic soft drink which also delivers a natural, energising lift. It is gradually becoming much easier to make healthier choices in our society, you just have to know where to look.

The current range consists of: Coconut & Mint, Dalandan Orange, and Elderberry & Juniper (my personal favourite!) They are available from WH Smith and Waitrose at the RRP of £1.49 per 500ml, which I think is very reasonable when you consider the abundance of naturally-occurring ingredients on the label.

*Life Tonics website accessible here.

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