Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Ritz-Carlton Dubai

It's been a week since I arrived home from the glorious beaches of Dubai to a very dull and decidedly cooler UK. The grey skies in London weren't quite cutting it so I managed to book a very last minute holiday to the UAE with my family! We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Jumeirah Beach, a resort which offers a marked change from the enormous skyscrapers that house many of the hotels in the city and at 250 rooms, describes itself as 'boutique'. It was total luxury; impeccable service in an absolutely beautiful setting, surrounded by a completely unique culture...

We stayed a total of six nights and five days in Dubai, which was perfect. This time of year is not for the faint hearted, with temperatures hitting 43° most days! We were fairly optimistic about the heat as the humidity is low, but don't expect to be able to spend all day sight-seeing. On our third day we went to the infamous Atlantis, explored some of Palm Island, had a cheeky peek at the 7* Burj Al Arab and spent the afternoon in Old Dubai, looking around the traditional gold and spice souks. It was all absolutely amazing, but we were gasping for air-con every five minutes! 

There also weren't many people on the beach - the sand was so hot and the sea was literally like you were stepping into bath water. That said, it was hard to stay away from the hundreds of metres of white sandy beaches that Dubai has to offer so I've included a couple of photos, but unfortunately in my rush to get over the hot sand I didn't change my camera settings, so they are waay over-exposed!

Other than that, Dubai is definitely a destination that sits very well with Instagram! So if you want to see more photos from the trip then you can find plenty on my Instagram, here

It was truly an incredible place, with turquoise sea stretching out to the horizon on one side of you and enormous skyscrapers on the other. It reminded us all of Vegas, except it surrounded by the incredible and completely unique culture of the UAE. The traditional spice souks were fascinating, the mosques were beautiful, and we crossed the creek in old Dubai on one of the old dhows that felt a hundred years old. The next minute we were in the largest shopping mall in the world, surrounded by Harvey Nichols, a gigantic Ski Slope and real-life, actual penguins. It's a crazy place, but completely awesome. I couldn't recommend it enough. 


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