Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Last week, Monarch Airlines hosted a fantastic event at N1 Golf in Greenwich as a celebration of their increasingly popular, golf-ready European destinations. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, so the lovely Felicity from Flick the Green and kick-ass photographer Alex Georgiades both went along for a wonderful evening of golf, wine and tapas. The evening was an enormous success and even had a few surprises in store! Over to Flick to tell you all about it...

Alex and I had never played Golf before and neither of us have ever really watched any Golf tournaments! So knowing we were going to a golf event, we frantically did a spot of research into some famous golfers and golf jargon before we hopped on the Jubilee line over to N1 Golf in Greenwich. Turns out we needn’t have stressed about it, because most of the other bloggers there were beginners too!

When we arrived, we were given a glass of tasty prosecco in the restaurant, Vinothec Compass, and then we mingled with some of the other bloggers who were starting to fill the room. The view from the restaurant and the driving range veranda was absolutely stunning! We could see out across the Thames to the lit-up skyscrapers of Canary Wharf and Canada Water. It's definitely a venue to check out if you fancy an evening of golf and good food.

Next, we were shown the right posture and how to swing the golf club like a pro by one of the N1Golf staff. Then we were left to practice for half an hour. I was shockingly bad, but Alex seemed to pick it up so quickly!

Then Monarch piled on the pressure by telling us that we were about to have a competition for the longest drive… and the winner would receive two return flights to Barcelona, Gibraltar, Malaga or Faro!  I took a step back and admitted defeat straight away and continued to enjoy my glass of wine, but Alex gave it his best swing… and ended up winning! He was so happy, he was smiling like the Cheshire cat (see cheesy photo below...)

After the golf competition was over, we took our places in the restaurant for a delicious beer and wine tasting session, which was accompanied by some delicious tapas!

Alex and I had never experienced a beer-tasting event before, but we would definitely go to one again. The beer was ice cold and, after being told how to swill and sniff it in the glass correctly, you could really smell and taste the subtle differences. Some more delicious food was served, and then we headed home before we were hit by the hyped-up One Direction fans piling out of the O2…

This fantastic golfing event was organised by Monarch Airlines to promote their new range of golf holidays, click here. Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a pro, or iff you just fancy giving golf a go for the first time, go check out their fantastic holiday options!

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